Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eastbound And Down...

We're loaded up and truckin' (I love it whenever I can make a Jerry Reed reference and show a video of Burt Reynolds)

The visas came in just after 1 PM. I guess that is good news, but I was hoping they wouldn't come in. You see, now we have to take a military-chartered flight. Don't get me wrong, this flight is super nice. Generally speaking there is more leg room on this flight than commercial carriers...However, the showtime is midnight for a 2 AM flight, it will be choke-full of kids, (I know I have three, but all of them are super quite)the booze isn't free, and it drops us off three and half hours away from where we will be living. The civilian flight on the other hand probably won't have as many kids, the booze is free, no crazy showtime, and it would have dropped us off 45-minutes from where we live. Either way..we're very excited to leave.

Ollie was pretty cool last night in the empty house. Shelly explained to him before we got there that there would be nothing in the house except the TV. I think that and the Happy Meal made it all cool. He really seemed to dig the echo in the house. Maddy and Ollie ran like crazy all over the house. By the time we got back to our apartment (hotel) they were beat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DVR Content Promise...or Our Move!

My youngest is still having a tough time with our move to Italy. Last night we put some "DO NOT PACK" stickers on items staying with the house. Ollie didn't like it too much. He's having a difficult time piecing everything together. He still thinks we're only going for a 7-day trial. Well one of the items posted with a do not pack was our cable box. He wanted to know if we'd still get channel 17, 28...and his biggest question was whether or not we'd have free DVR content. Cox DVR also provides a ton of free content. Everything from cartoons to self-help. The truth is...yes, we will still get channel 17, 28...they just won't be the same as they are here. AFN only offers 8 different channels and no DVR. However...Sky Digital does!

Tonight we move into the hotel. If all goes well, we'll fly off to Italy on Monday morning.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's In A Name?

To increase blog traffic, you need to know who you you're writing for and what you're writing about! My friends at audio'connell and The D-Ring both just wrote interesting blogs on this topic. I currently have three different blogs. One hasn't even started, the other is dependent on me being on the radio...and this one...Broadcast This! I think lately, it has been a bit best. Does this draw people in? Or does it only feed my current friends and family? Well I think I should keep Broadcast This! focused on all things, well, broadcast! New media, challenges, tips, tricks, VO... Kasbah Radio will be focused on all things RADIO. Likewise, Opposites Attract will one day be about...well, I'm not sure yet.

So that brings us up to the present task at hand. What should I call my new blog? It will be about everything else I like to blog about. My day in the life type of stuff. I want to keep it sort of branded with Broadcast This! I'm thinking________________ This! Since, I'm a big fan of new media, and citizen journalism, I WANT YOU TO PICK THE NAME OF MY NEW BLOG! That's right! YOU! Send me in your name for my new blog, then I will post a poll on the side bar. Then starting 1 Jan 08, I will change the name. Are you in? Send your response to my e-mail:

Let the fun begin!

Drop Case Trick

I was cruising around the interweb today and went to Beautiful Beta! A cool website where you can learn some slick tricks. There are other tricks and widgets and other cool sites you can hit on. If you're in the mood to see something funny, check out my good friend Chris' latest post. I think there are at least four child labor laws broke, but his little boy is probably better than most of my co-workers. (E-mail me and I'll tell you which ones! HA-HA)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

100,000 Miles of Memories, Now In Someone Else's Memory Book

First of all...YES this is an endorsement for craigslist! In just 15-minutes I sold my 1997 Isuzu Rodeo, complete with 100,000 miles of memories. We just shipped our Saab to Italy yesterday and were not sure how long it would take to sell the Rodeo, so we put it up today. Incredible! It seems like yesterday we bought it! Oh the memories...

I remember when we bought the car. I was playing volleyball in Sacramento, and Shelly was really baby-sick. I finished early with my games and I just happened to pick up an advertisement for Rodeo's. I drove over, started talking to a salesman, and got double fish hooked. I called Shelly, and like a trooper, against her better will, she agreed to come down to look at this car. Well, we didn't have enough to get a new Rodeo, but they had this one...last year's model available. So Shelly let me get it. She'll go on record that although she loved and loves the car, it isn't the one she wanted!

I remember the when I drove Maddy home from the hospital...I drove 25 mph the entire way...four months later when for some reason I thought I could drive from Sacramento to Salt Lake City in one day...Maddy let me know she wasn't happy! With a U-Haul trailer in-tow, I drove 85 mph for almost two hours.

I remember the first time Maddy got sick in the car. The first time Oliver got sick in the car...They were very similar. In fact, I think we were off to IKEA both times.
Well, today I sold the car to Noah, Amber, and Layla. Noah and Amber are a young couple, much like Shelly and I were. They are tall folks just like us too. It gets even more interesting. They drive a Honda Civic Hatchback and a beater. That is exactly what Shelly and I drove when we met. There was no way either of us was going to bend into a two-door. That was the first thing Amber said when she say the car..."I won't have to bend down anymore!"

So today, a new family gets to begin the next 100,000 miles of memories.

On a sad note...Ollie is very sad to see the Blue car go. As of right now, we don't have a car. That made him sad too. He said, now we can't go anywhere, we can only order food from the computer. I then showed all of the $100 bills I had and he got a real big smile on his face and said, maybe we could get a taxi!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Who Says There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?

It all started some seven months ago with a simple e-mail to Voices.ComI must have sent around 30 e-mails that day. Basically, I listened to a ton of voices and sent an e-mail to every voice I liked. I was on my way to AFN Iraq for my second tour of duty and I wanted to freshen up the station image/sound. I had big dreams and was looking for someone (our a lot of someones) to help. About three or four radio stations made a handful of sweepers for the guy did a lot more than a few.
(No I didn't lose an arm in Iraq!)

Charlie Glaize basically set Freedom Radio up! He voiced, and voiced and voiced. Then voiced some more. Before I even left for Baghdad I already had a few show openers, some liners/sweepers...and a bumber to play between almost ANY FREEDOM RADIO ARTIST Yep! Charlie sent me a liner block that said, "You know you're listening to Freedom Radio when you hear____________" then voiced more than 300 different artists. WOW! His generosity didn't stop there. I was still looking to add some more voices for other shows, when Charlie told me I should e-mail a Friend of his...Bob Souer. Bob quickly sent in three radio spots for my 36-Hour Memorial Day show. He then pointed me to VO-BB, where DB Cooper quickly put everything in line and amazed me with her organization skills. (I could easily write a blog on each of the talented VO folks who helped me out...but not today!)

Today is about Charlie. The two of us had lunch Sunday at The Bier Garden in Portsmouth. In a way, I'm glad no other VO's came. Have you ever met someone who you felt as though you've known them forever? Well Charlie fits that bill. We immediately began talking as if we'd been longtime friends. We talked about everything under the sun...and then some. Thanks Charlie!

So whoever says there's no such thing as a free lunch has never met Charlie. He not only sent me thousands of dollars worth of free VO-work, he also treated me to a great meal and some beer. What a country!

Every voice/station listed on Kasbah Radio volunteered their voice/talent to Freedom Radio.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Ran Today...or...What I Missed

Today I ran out to the marina and back. 3 miles if you're keeping track. This is the distance I normally run, however while in Iraq I found it very difficult. The obvious reasons of course: mortars, rockets, intense heat, and more rockets and mortars. The real tough part was the dust. I'm allergic to dust. I think I might also be allergic to dying too. (LOL) Anyway, it didn't take me long to realize I might be killing myself by trying to stay healthy in Iraq. I had to run on the treadmill which only hurt my knees. So fast forward to today. I ran out to the marina and back. I forgot how beautiful it is. The marsh and Chesapeake as my backdrop. My iPod blasting into TWO ear buds as there were no worries of "TAKE COVER" happening over the next three miles. All of the houses have been updated since I left for Iraq too. Other than the intense humidity, it was a great day to run.

With all that said...I think my next running grounds will provide an even better backdrop for me. One where I can lose myself in my surroundings and forget about how far or how long I've been running. Plus, I don't think Italy floods or have mosquitos that have their own Union.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reality TV

Has Reality TV gone too far, or is the best yet to come?

I was surfing the inter-web (thanks AK) for the latests on what is sure to be this year's second biggest hit-reality show...The Next Great American Band...and the first thing I notice is how it is being advertised. YEP! Fox, who owns MySpace, is using MySpace for its advertisement. This soon-to-be bona fide hit show already has 23,096 friends, with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scissor Sisters, and The Killers as their 1-3 friends. AHH Yeah...hold on America. Are you ready for this? Additionally, there are 1710 comments, and 545 topics.

But this is what I really think is a bit much. While surfing the web, I came across this site: Fox Reality Shows Prepare yourself to spend a ton of time scratching your head. Really? People are intersted in finding the Next Elvira? How big an audience share did The Littlist Groom pull?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Home

Well after what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it home. The kids are all grown up. Shelly looked fantastic. Several of my co-workers met me at the airport. That was very special. THANKS!

I once again had a hard time sleeping last night. I was up at 4AM. Is it because I haven't yet adjusted to the new timezone, or is it because in just two and a half months the world as we know it is going to CHANGE???

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Season 7 is right around the corner...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Good Bye Yoga Friends

Over the past three and half months I've had the honor and privilege to guide a great group of yogis along a fantastic journey. Four days a week we all met up in a non-descript room inside Saddam's Palace at, for most, a god-awful time of day. 0600...or 6AM...or WAY TOO EARLY FOR MOST!

It started out as a half joke. When I moved from Freedom Radio to Freedom Journal Iraq, my hours seriously changed. I went from going to work at 4:30AM and getting home around 3:00PM to going to work at 7:30AM and not returning until sometimes 10:00PM. I was missing all of the evening Yoga classes and with the extra stress that comes with running a news section...I NEEDED TO RELAX and get back into YOGA! So I told my friend Elisa who works for Morale Welfare and Readiness...MWR for the folks who serve, they should get someone to teach a morning yoga class. Jokingly I said if needed I could teach. She said, "REALLY?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sure!" Two weeks later, I was teaching a yoga class. Well, I think the first two or three weeks, my good friend, and Air Force Mom, Melinda Morgan was teaching the class. You see Melinda is a Yogi. She has been teaching for years and is well on her way in your yoga journey. I asked if she could help and within a few days, she sent me a one hour class...complete with movement and breathe cues. It wasn't long before I had enough people in the class that we made the Saturday class a more advance class. More and more people who had never worked out before, let alone practice yoga kept coming out. Not pictured is a man who should be an inspiration for all. Bill, my Silver Fox, is in his late-60's. The oldest of three brothers. Never was into working out. All of his brothers lettered in at least two sports. Now, late in life, giving all that's left to help out the people in Iraq, he decided he'd finally try this yoga thing everyone is talking about. With no alarm clock to wake him, Bill routinely came to the class, asked great questions, and with some modifications, learned a basic routine which undoubtedly will change his life.

On average 8 folks would come out to the class. However, there was a strong core of friends who came out routinely. Dave, Kristen, Jeff, Kathryn, and Bill (Silver Fox) My Chief would come out every Friday! He swears he's and inch taller now. Toward the end of my tour Diane, Jenna, Pallas, and the Sgt Major came out. The last two were a hoot, they're from Boston. As many of you know I'm a sucker for an accent. I could listen to them talk for hours!

Here is a picture of my core four performing a headstand. From left to right: Dave (DoD Civilian), Jeff (Army Colonel) Me, (Totally low man) Kristen (Air Force LtCol), and Kathryn (DoD Civilian and retired Air Force). This was like the fifth or sixth picture...We just couldn't sync!

Turns out, leading a yoga class is very tough! In yoga you breath in and out of your nose...try doing that and talk at the same time...It took me a bit to learn how to master that skill. Balanced Airplane...also not that easy. We tried to take it up a few notches on the Saturday class. Some Saturdays turned into more of a laugh fest than actual yoga as we'd spend more time falling all over the place in an attempt to perform more advanced yoga poses.
To the left is one of my favorite poses and vinyasas: Triangle Pose, which I linked with Warrior 1, 2, Reverse Warrior, Pyramid, and Side Straddle Fold. When you link several poses together in a logical flow its called a vinyasa. This is a very powerful vinyasa! Today I introduced the class to several other poses including Revolved Triangle. Most poses you can "revolve: which basically means: keep feet in place and switch hands and direction you're twisting. The best thing about yoga is it's not a competition. You don't have to do what the instructor or others are doing. You do what your body allows.

I had only these three resolutions this year. Yoga is fantastic! It helps with my ADD, it adds balance, it does wonders for your core strength, and generally changes your over-all quality of life. No matter what sport you're and help your game. Besides...what I really like about yoga...I get to sleep the last 10-15 minutes of the class...NOW THAT IS SOMETHING EVERYONE LIKES TO DO!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Bye Yellowbrick Stache?

(Friend, Adolph, Me, Stu)

Today was my last day of work at AFN Iraq. I will miss this place, but not the mustache. Over the past six months I've made some good friends, worked some long hours and have grown as a person. Over the past month I've also grown something on my top lip. Here are some pictures I took with others who have also let their war whiskers roam.
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(Ron, Me, Chief)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Erich and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Joe and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Dirty R and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Bob and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Chad and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Tony and Me)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(RDML Fox-Former MNF-I Spokesman and Me)

We're not the only one's growing our mustaches out for a good cause. I stumbled upon these teachers in Valencia who are growing their staches to raise money and awareness for writing and literature for school aged kids.

I will shave my mustache as soon as I land in Qatar. Do you remember what I looked like before I grew a mustache????? I was so young looking:

I'll be home soon!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mustache Update As Promised

This week my wife called me and told me my daughter cried and locked herself in the bathroom when she heard I had a mustache. She asked that I shave it off before I come home. OHHH THAT WILL HAPPEN. This thing which now calls my top lip home is horrible. It is very difficult for me. I guess the whole purpose of War Whiskers is all about it not being easy. It is not easy for the people of Iraq to come to terms and take the appropriate actions to become a thriving nation. Much like it is very difficult for me to live with this thing! It makes a horrible crunching noise when I drink water. Its grown to the point where it catches the corner of my eye. I always think there is some kind of bug on my lip. Besides that, it always scares me when I catch a glance of it in a mirror. With that said, my co-worker and currently the one I hold ultimately responsible for my new look, which kind of reminds me of my dad...brought it to my attention, we (Freedom Journal Iraq) might be the most mustached news team EVER. 7 out of 8 of us are rocking the War Whiskers. (Poor Timmy is too young to grow a mustache! We love him anyway.)
Here are some pics we took today.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Will I Miss? What Won't I Miss?

I'm about two weeks out from returning back to my wife and kids. My first weekend home has already been booked out to playing with the kids, quite time with my wife, and NFL Sunday...actually on Sunday. Complete with Margaritas, salsa verde, and chips. The following is a list of things I'll miss and not miss after I leave:

What will I miss:
1) Seeing the Al Rasheed everyday on the way to work. The events that happened in that building have changed me forever.
2) BACON! As little or as much as I want.
3) A sense of duty and accomplishment.
4) A routine that rarely changes.
5) The smell of eucalyptus trees.
6) Working with my new VO friends. (I will keep in touch!)

What I won't miss:
1) BACON! As little or as much as I want.
2) Any sort of meat product in mass quantities.
4) Carrying a weapon 24/7.
5) A routine that rarely changes.
6) Seeing the Al Radheed. It often brings tears to my eyes.
7) DIRT EVERYWHERE! Did you know I'm allergic to dust?
8) Salt stains because I sweat too much.
9) Doing laundry at 5AM in the same place nasty dudes do.

fyi. Mustache update coming soon. It is really starting to grow in. Don't forget to vote...even if I spelled "Awful" wrong.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Decisions Part 2- The Worse

My grandpa once told me everyday I'd have dozens of decisions to make. He told me decisions were easy to make...but the consequences of my decisions could be tough to bear. Well a month ago, I made the worse decision of my life!

In an attempt to build the broadcasters I work with into a fine tuned team, I bet them they couldn't achieve what seemed to be an impossible goal. By now I hope you've read my blog, my co-worker's blog!, and the Air Force Times! Some of you may have even clicked over to the Multi-National Force Iraq website to see me on catch up on all the progress Coalition Forces are making throughout Iraq! I want to thank my friends and family who sent some real nice words:

Mom "I've watched the news three times, I don't see a mustache!"
Lindsey "Mustaches are creepy!"
I will stop there...because today I have proof for all of you. More importantly, proof of the sage advice that lead this blog...THE CONSEQUENCES OF SOME DECISIONS COULD BE TOUGH TO BEAR!!!

Here is my co-workers latest War Whiskers updated picture:

Decisions Part 1- The Best

My grandpa once told me everyday I'd have dozens of decisions to make. He told me decisions were easy to make...but the consequences of my decisions could be tough to bear. Well 10 years ago today, I made the best decision of my life!

Christmas 06

Brugge 03?

My wife...well is my life...and she completes me. Whoever said opposites attract...WAS RIGHT! She is quite and complete. I'm loud and quick. She is cautious and sure. I'm free and spirited. I think the differences stop there. She loves with all of heart, I wear my heart on my sleeve. She is a perfect compliment. She also is a fantastic mom...she always puts the kids first and loves them completely!

Summer 07

Summer 07

The first 10 years have been full of adventure. I'm sure the next 10 years will be the same. Many decisions were made, some good, some not so good. But at the end of the day...I'm ok with every one of them we made!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Lost A Bet...Or Have I???

It all started about two and a half months ago when I moved from radio into the news department. My #2 authored this blog! If you decide not to click the link, here is a quick excerpt:

So, me and some of the guys here are letting our lustrous lip locks grow out over the course of our deployment. As you can see, this is quite a monumental task for some. And it is not for the faint of heart or lily livered. Two "men" (I use the term loosely) have already broken the pact we made and shaved because people told them they looked silly. And theirs looked about 57 times better than mine does. I am fully aware that by the end of my time in Iraq, there will still be no part of my mustache that you won't be able to see straight through, not unlike the fine, downy sheen of a fresh picked peach. But I am undeterred. Because these whiskers, all 26 or so of them, stand for something. I like to think of them as a microcosm of Iraq.

Nick goes on to tie his horrible looking caterpillar mustache to the overall war effort and wraps everything up with this:

Once again, we are HERE. Now. We won't get a second chance at this, and if we don't get it right, we'll face a threat that doesn't care about who you voted for or what your bumper stickers say. Watch the news, read up on what's going on over here. We're closer than we've ever been. The Surge is working, the Government of Iraq is progressing (albeit not quickly enough for some), and the people here want to see their government succeed. None of this will happen if we pull out too soon. We've started this mustache. Let's not shave before giving it a chance to grow.

I laughed at these horrible mustache as they began to slowly appear atop several of my co-workers lips. I thought for sure this silly idea would never prove to have staying power. Within the first two weeks of this plan several co-workers quickly shaved their lips. I had been asked several times to grow my mustache out! Ha I said. Do you know who you're asking to grow a mustache? I'm one of the most vain persons you've ever met. Really...Look up Merriam Websters definition of vain...It's my picture! So I said "NO!" Surely this poorly plotted plan would flop! NOPE! Instead it gained speed. Air Force Times picked it up! Read more...

Well as I took over the news team...there were many nights where we stayed late into the night putting together the nightly newscast. At the time, we had eight broadcasters working as individuals. We were working hard, but not smart. There were some highs, and some lows. After several morning meetings/mentoring/training/team building...the eight slowly began to work as a team. In a almost last ditch effort to bring them the final ten-yards to being a full-fledged team...I challenged them. I said if they could get the newscast done five straight nights by 5:30, I would grow a mustache to support the cause...I thought surely even if we hit our stride, there were enough uncontrollable variables that would prevent us from completing this task five consecutive nights.

WELL! It happened. Today was the fifth straight night...and it was a challenge. We had a no-notice press conference today that lasted nearly three hours. Yet, some how, we still pulled it off. So today, I begin to grow out my lip hair in support of my team. A team, I'm very proud to be apart of. A team, which I can easily say, is the best team I've ever been apart of. A team, who undoubtedly are leaving one hell of a fingerprint on the history of Iraq. Viva Stache!
Here is the latest update!

PS. Go Nick!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Music Soothes The Savage Beast

Its been said, "Music soothes the savage beast," and I agree. Music plays a huge role in my sanity while in Iraq...hell, it plays a big role when I'm not in Iraq. Since I've been in Iraq, there have been several songs that have kept this beast soothed.

10. Ne Yo - Because of You
9. Gwen Steffani - Sweet Escape
8. Mark Ronson - Stop Me!
7. My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
6. Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder
5. Coldplay - Fix You
4. The Artic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor
3. White Stripes - Icky Thump
2. Boston - More Than A Feeling
1. John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change

What songs soothe you?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Freedom Journal Iraq

My friend asked me in one of her comments...
Just finished watching "The Quiet American." Anyhow...despite Brendan Frazier being a bad actor in the made me think about combat journalism and what stories you might be covering. Are you allowed to tell us what kinds of stories you're covering in the news over there?

So I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell you what YOUR military is doing over here and then show you how Freedom Journal Iraq is covering it. We're right in the middle of the "Surge of Operations." These operations are designed to seek out and remove Al Qaeda in Iraq, rouge and splinter groups of the Jaysh Al Maddi, Iranin Cupds Corp, and any other enemy of Iraq or Coalition Forces. The success of these operations by themselves will not result in a victory in Iraq. Rather, they will provide the time and space needed for Iraqi lawmakers to develop a fair and equitable Rule of Law and enable Iraqis take the lead in their own country. Freedom Journal Iraq is committed to highlighting success and progress being made by Coalition and Iraqi Forces...Kinetic and Non-Kinetic. Kinetically, we continue to detain insurgents, capture or kill terrorists, find weapons caches, and drop bombs on the bad guys. These type of operations is what you generally see in the media. However, you see all of the negative fall out from it. Here is what you missed:

With every victory on the battlefield, more and more local citizens are stepping up to defend their own cities. There is a buzz surrounding "Concerned Citizens." The Commanding General in Iraq, Dave Petraeus routinely walks through neighborhoods which months ago were ravaged by insurgents and zapped of their livelihood and shows the progress being made. You may have never heard about how cities up and down Iraq are returning to "normal!"

Last week we highlighted all of the Non-Kinetic success in Iraq. We had the Army Corp of Engineers, Gulf Region Division come in and talk about all of the electricity sub-stations, water systems, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure projects completed and under way in Iraq.

Of course we also spend a great deal of time talking about capturing high ranking Al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. We have two ways of telling this story. One is called a Look Live that we package in our newscast and send out to the Pentagon Channel for broadcast. The other is a brand new element called the "Raid Report." This product is a true testament to the quality of broadcasters I have on my team over here. I basically said, "Hey, I've got an idea...I think it should look like this..." Those who know me, I like to pretend I can draw, so I took my recycled paper on my desk a drew a rough sketch of what I was thinking about. This is the final result:

Final Thoughts:
No matter what side of the political agenda you find assured the men and women of the Armed Forces are making a difference in Iraq. You'll have to make up your own minds as far as the current political climate. REMEMBER TO VOTE!

By the way you can checkout FJI 24/7 on the MNF-I website Last night's cast is posted. I'm on Wednesday's cast.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Digital or Analog?

I always thought there were two types of people in this world...Journey fans...and liars. Well, my good friend Chris from jacksnupple believes I'm wrong. He may be on to something. Chris believes folks are classified into two different categories: ANALOG or DIGITAL

In a blog titled Secrets Chris claims to be an uber-digital.
I am digital. I am Bobby Friggin' Digital. I'm borderline nerding out most of the time. You should see me in an Apple retail store–my geek meter peaks.

The blog is pretty funny and it made me think? Am I a digital or an analog? Well I know for a fact I'm no analog. That was easy...or was it? In today's world, everyone is labeled and then sub-labeled...and sometimes even sub-sub-labeled. Long gone are the days of being a a simple something! It is impossible to be just a Democrat, or Republican. You're a leftist, or conservative. These labels even reach into religion and nationalities. Are you a Southern Baptist or a light skinned brother?
With this new found knowledge of being either analog or digital...I asked myself: Are there different levels of classification within these two categories? I know I'm not a analog, but I'm not sure if I'm a digital. Maybe digital-lite. Possibly, I'm a Hack Hag...totally analog, but I hang around a bunch of digitals, because I feel safe around them. I have a lot of friends who are totally digital. Maybe I'm a closet digital? How do I tell my parents I'm a digital? Is it best not to come out of the closet? I surround myself with digitals and can dork out with the best of them, but when in mixed company I'll claim I really don't know what all this 1 and 0 stuff is all about. I'll never admit openly I know the secrets, however, know most of them, or at least I know who does!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation To Doha

YES! This must mean I'm at least half way done here! The truth is I'm more than half way. I don't really know how many days I have left. Ollie and Maddy do. They have a cool paper chain they made. For me, I don't want to know. I keep my mind focused on work and staying safe. I feel the harder I work, the more focused I am...the faster my time will fly by. I'm pretty sure my replacement Dorlinda will be here in time for me to leave. So, until she gets here...I will just keep on...keeping on. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT!

It's about my four days in Doha Qatar...I've been on hundreds of trips all over the world, and this one ranks right up there in the top 10. The R&R facility is staffed with some world-class folk and the place is set up just for folks like me to completely chill-out, or blast all over the place at max speed. I did a little of both.

Most of my military friends will tell you the best part of R&R to Doha is...BEER! Truth be told, the beer was pretty good! We're limited to three beers a day, and that turned out to be just right. 22oz Black and Tans times three times four nights equals...a pretty good time. The Top Off was the place to be every night from 6PM until 2AM. They had pool tables, darts, and my beloved FOOSBALL.


Every night I played Foosball with our little group. George, my roommate, Chris, and Tom. We met the two of them during in-processing. Chris and I were an unstoppable team. He destroyed everyone...and we didn't spin!

George and I went on several trips. Here is a quick slide show:

By week's end, I met several new friends, sang karaoke...even was asked to sing accompanied by a guitar, ate my fair share of great food, and was completely relaxed.

Of course all good things must end!
George's Last Beer!

My Last Beer!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Freedom Journal Iraq

Well, we hit the bottom of the barrel. Everyone on the team was busy, so I made a cameo appearance on FJI. This is right after I returned from my trip to I'm uber-tan and super tired. Enjoy!

Marne Husky Update

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Am Alive!

The move into the News department has taken its toll on me and my addiction to blog. It appears it also had an effect on my friends and family. I want to first say, "I'M ALIVE AND WELL!" There was a two week period where there was only two folks in news. My team was only four-strong. Today, there are 9 of us! Last week I went on my R&R. One fantastic week in Doha Qatar. (Another blog to come!)

So do I fill my days and weeks with? Why haven't I been hitting the web? Mostly because I spend 12-14 hours in the office. I love being in charge of the news. I've had to break out every single organizational and leadership tool I have! Although I miss radio, I'm loving news. It doesn't hurt that I have a great team. When I do come home, I usually watch a show or two, then. I still get up at the butt-crack of dawn. Plus, I've decided to kick my workouts up a notch or two:

Although I'm not certified I've been leading these classes. It is a very different workout and it really forces me to stay on it. Breathing, teaching, and time management. The class is averaging 7 folks, but yesterday 14 showed up.

Stay tuned for pics and stories from Doha Qatar. There are also a few videos of me singing. Not sure if they'll make it in time for the post.

Friday, July 13, 2007

All Good Things Must End

My three month run as Kasbah on Freedom Radio...the station just for you...IS OVER! My team and I worked hard. We fixed an error causing us not to be able to insert local information while on satellite. We deleted 45% of the content on our automation hard drive. This was all old, duplicate, or junk. This was causing a 1-2 day delay in transfer time. Now content transfers in about 10 seconds. We completely refreshed the radio imaging library...completely refreshed the music library...deleted 75 crappy commercials and replaced them with 100 better ones. We developed four massive campaigns aimed at key messages...and designed an automation scheme that allows for immediate push of hot issues. Freedom Radio and Freedom Radio News are now "BRANDED." People are talking about them and the jocks! There is a longer string of "important" stuff we did, but here is the cool part:

I've had the privilege to work with some really strong, professional broadcasters. Plus, I've made a lot of new friends in the Voice Over world. By my quick broadcaster, public math...they've donated more than $10,000 worth of time and content to Freedom Radio. I plan to keep these friends forever!!!! These folks have done just about anything I've asked...for free! I really think these guys will be friends for life. (Both VO and broadcasters) The list is too long to hyperlink all their names. Check out KASBAH RADIO for names and links.

We got to do two EPIC countdowns...The Memorial Day Countdown and the Firecracker 500. By the way...we're not finished. Over Labor Day we plan to do a Rock A-Z show. This will be the icing on the cake!!!

So what is next???

I'm now heading up a team of nine in the news department. Freedom Journal Iraq produces a nightly 10-minute cast and a daily 1-minute cast. News is a challenge for me. It forces a guy with ADD to have to slow down, read, and understand. Plus I have to be uber-organized.

My #1 goal in news is to be light, lean, and lethal. I'm all about streamlining and empowerment. To that friend Mark Glaser over at PBS' MediaShift is apart of a real big project! The question (project)???? How would you build a newsroom from scratch?
Here is a blurb from his blog:

A lot of the brightest minds in journalism have been thinking for some time about how the newsroom of the future might operate as we move from legacy print and broadcast operations into a more converged, Internet-centric world. I’ve taken a couple stabs myself at how a “New Newsroom” might operate, both in a guest post on PressThink in 2004 and on a recent post on MediaShift.

And now there are a series of discussions taking place called Journalism That Matters , where various deep thinkers are trying to literally invent “the next newsroom” prototype. Here is the blurb describing what they’re going to try to accomplish in Washington, DC, in early August:

Our goal is to facilitate critical discussion on the future and sustainability of journalism. Our unique approach is to first assemble editors, publishers, writers, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, public advocates, independent and citizen journalists for fast, focused discussion. We’ll then define the ownership, management, location and sustainability of a ‘next newsroom’ prototype in at least one U.S. community, to launch in early- to mid-2008.

We’re going to answer this call: Pick an ideal location, and start a news organization from scratch, using the best-available technology and ideas, and without the obligations or burdens of legacy processes or infrastructure. Where will it be, what will it look like, who will own it, and how will it run.

What a great question and project. This will be the empowerment question for my news team. Look out world...Here comes Freedom Journal Iraq...Your source for news that matters!

PS. Rosanne Barr's radio show lasted two months on XM...mine lasted three. HELL YEAH!

Friday, July 06, 2007

I've Been Promoted!

I was pretty bummed when I found out I didn't get promoted to E-7 this cycle. I studied real hard, but not hard enough obviously! Seems I wasn't the only one who felt pretty bummed. One of my new friends Ron Phillips (VO-BB), jokingly said he was going to get me way or the other. I assume this is "the other" way he was talking about. All laughs aside, I'm very honored for this promotion. In fact, so was my Chief. He called everyone to attention and read the below letter.

I think if anyone, my Uncle Jim will be the proudest of this promotion. He's lived in Kentucky for like "ever!"

With this promotion comes the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken and a lifetime supply of Kentucky Moonshine. I can only share the later with all of you!

Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Reasons There’s a Bright Future for Journalism

One of my favorite blogs is MediaShift with Mark Glaser. I interviewed Mark for background information on my proposal on how to leverage Airmen to help win the information war. His latest question to journalists: Is the journalism cup...half empty, or half full. The response motivates me in these changing times. It comes at a moment where I need to be motivated. That story is still a few days away.

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the future of newspapers, the future of TV, the future of radio — the future of journalism itself — in the face of drastic change brought by technology and the Internet. I’ve asked MediaShift readers whether they thought journalism’s metaphorical cup was half empty or half full and most people saw a pretty bright future.

As you might imagine, I share their enthusiasm for the future, and wouldn’t be writing this blog if I didn’t believe we will end up in a better place. But I’m also a hardened realist and natural skeptic, and I know there are painful months and years ahead for the (dwindling number of) people working in traditional media. Not everything new and shiny will be good for us, and there are plenty of ethical and technological pitfalls ahead.

But rather than dwell on the negative, rail against change, or damn the upstarts at Google and Craigslist, I’d like to take a walk on the sunny side of life in new media, consider the positive aspects of all that is happening, and how we could end up in a renaissance era for journalism. While I do believe large media companies will have the most difficult time adapting to the changes, they can learn a lot from the successful business models of smaller sites such as TMZ or The Smoking Gun (both owned by media companies).

Read his 10 reasons HERE!

What's My Blog Rated?

I saw this on a Blog I frequent...The D-Ring, Thanks Steve!

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