Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Pics From Memorial Day

Well we all camped out at the station over night! Tonight's low...95! It must have been around 100 in the room I slept in. I went down around 11:30, then up again at 4:10AM. Here are a few pics from over-night.

Kasbah and Triple F

Triple F clock

Triple F setting up

OOPS! My Butt

Micah's clock

Micah introducing a song!

Kasbah and Micah attempt Charlies Angels!!

The Memorial Day Countdown

Kasbah at the world's most heavily armed radio station...

Jim Ayers...Top

Kasbah and Ayers 10AM

Luscious Linda around 3PM

Kasbah and Luscious around 5PM

The Curious One George Solis...6PM

Kasbah and The Curious One...6:30PM

The Curious One reading from the board.

Freedom Radio kicked off 36-straight hours of EPIC rock broadcasting this morning with song #360...Tom Sawyer by Rush. Here is a quick look at the fist 10-minutes of the show. CLICK HERE!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Greatest Rock Songs Ever

Freedom Radio is just two days away from the 36-straight hours of EPIC broadcasting. With the help of a ton of professionals...this show is going to be AWESOME! Here is a sample of what you'll miss if your dial isn't tuned into the Station Just For You!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Service & Commitment...It Runs In My Blood!

Well I am going to OKC next week for my last B52 meeting, when I get back I have three days of work. Then I will be hanging up 37 years of service.

For the past 37-years, my dad has answered the call to service in support of my beloved United States Air Force, and your United States of America. He moved from town to town with his professional skills and commitment in tow. There were many sacrifices made over the past 37-years. None more important than the next. For almost four decades, my dad pulled long hours, traveled the world, and in short, pulled his fair share toward ensuring the freedoms we take for granted.

Dad...I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your retirement. You see...I like you am committed! And right now, that commitment has brought me to Baghdad Iraq! I wish you well. Maybe in 20 more will come to my retirement! I love you and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & COMMITMENT.

-Your Son

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Live From Studio 2B

Feel free to call ME! East Coast Friends, my show starts at 10PM
West Coast Friends....7PM


Bacon Body

This is what a half portion of bacon looks like here in the International Zone. Those of you who really know me...know I LOVE BACON! I would be pressed to think of anything that wouldn't taste better with bacon on it. Bacon is available for all three meals. This is a problem! It's like my crack...if I actually took crack, well, I guess I kind of do. Anyway, I've put the entire radio team on red alert. They must keep me away from the evil BACON! Have I mentioned you can put bacon in a pita with roast beef, cabbage, provolone, yellow bell peppers and olive oil, then fold it in half and press in on a paninni grill? YUMMY!

Even though I've had my years allotment of bacon in my first three weeks in Iraq, I've still managed to drop another five pounds. Making my official weight loss for the year at 37 pounds. I'm right where I want to be and will add the pounds back..only this time it will be muscle. Yoga three times a week and running & weight training three times a week.

I've adopted my friend Cindy's deployed breakfast: Special K with berries.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spreading The Good Word!

Today I did a phone interview with WOR 710, New York City. This is the first of many interviews I've lined up for the entire radio crew. My radio news guy, George Solis is from the Bay Area of Cali...and soon he'll be on KSFO 560. My afternoon DJ, Linda Camspey is from SoCal, and I'm trying to get her on the World Famous, KROQ 106.7!

If you want to here me talking and making stuff usual, click HERE!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How You Feeling? Hot Hot Hot!

106 today and it will be 110 tomorrow. Here is how the sun shines on Iraq...It really is this close:

Here is what I have to look forward to the next five months:

Month Average High Average Low Warmest ever

MAY 96 68 111
JUNE 105 74 120
JULY 110 78 122
AUG. 108 75 118
SEPT. 103 70 117
OCT. 91 60 105

Was this foreshadowing??? Blake Lewis will win AI!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Pimp My POD

This is my new home. The sheets come compliments of my friend Erin. Thank you Erin! How did you know Lion King was my favorite? I thought I would try and ride on the shirt tails of the hugely popular MTV Show...Pimp My Ride...and try to create my own show...PIMP MY POD!

As you can see my room is in dire need of some 'Pimp'n.' Send me your favorite posters, sheets, curtains, and decorative nick knacks...and I'll decorate my room with them. I'll take a picture of the new layout and then all of us will vote on who donated the best room. It's a win-win situation.

That's right...PIMP MY POD...Baghdad Edition. item will be left out...

SEND your Pimp'n articles to:
TSgt Chris Eder
APO AE 09316

This is a picture I took in Qatar.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Her Name Is Paula...Al Rasheed Revisted

The other night I spent several hours in a "duck and cover!" It was my first time in one. There were no such safe-havens in 2003. I had my mattress and my Brent! (SrA Brent Skeen)

Inside the duck and cover, my home away from home, I met several new friends. You'd be amazed what people want to talk about when mortars are falling from the sky. One Soldier's wife called...He had to hung up on her. Others where talking about how close they were falling, or where they were last time. A few of them were talking about the injuries and deaths they've seen caused by mortars.

Someone asked me what I did, so I told them I was the morning show host on Freedom Radio, 107.7 Baghdad, 107.3 Balad....My story continued as I told them about the original crew who set AFN Iraq up in 2003. From there...Al Rasheed...October 26th. I get chills to this day when I think of the horrifying events of the day. As I told my story a man chimed in..."You helped Paula didn't you?" I sad who is Paula. He replied, "The civilian that was injured!" I asked if she had blond hair, and if she was the one who had her arm blown off. The answer...YES! "Her name is Paula, and because of all of those who provided medical attention to her...she has her arm today." Turns out, the doctors were able to reattach Paula's arm.

I visited the Al Rasheed yesterday. Many of the merchants who set up shop in 2003 are still there, but other than that, the Rasheed is a shell of itself. I too was a shell of my former self...until now. Today, I know who the lady was I helped in her time of need...Paula. Little did I know my actions would have such an impact on someones life. Little does Puala know that her story has also changed mine.