Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Reasons There’s a Bright Future for Journalism

One of my favorite blogs is MediaShift with Mark Glaser. I interviewed Mark for background information on my proposal on how to leverage Airmen to help win the information war. His latest question to journalists: Is the journalism cup...half empty, or half full. The response motivates me in these changing times. It comes at a moment where I need to be motivated. That story is still a few days away.

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the future of newspapers, the future of TV, the future of radio — the future of journalism itself — in the face of drastic change brought by technology and the Internet. I’ve asked MediaShift readers whether they thought journalism’s metaphorical cup was half empty or half full and most people saw a pretty bright future.

As you might imagine, I share their enthusiasm for the future, and wouldn’t be writing this blog if I didn’t believe we will end up in a better place. But I’m also a hardened realist and natural skeptic, and I know there are painful months and years ahead for the (dwindling number of) people working in traditional media. Not everything new and shiny will be good for us, and there are plenty of ethical and technological pitfalls ahead.

But rather than dwell on the negative, rail against change, or damn the upstarts at Google and Craigslist, I’d like to take a walk on the sunny side of life in new media, consider the positive aspects of all that is happening, and how we could end up in a renaissance era for journalism. While I do believe large media companies will have the most difficult time adapting to the changes, they can learn a lot from the successful business models of smaller sites such as TMZ or The Smoking Gun (both owned by media companies).

Read his 10 reasons HERE!

What's My Blog Rated?

I saw this on a Blog I frequent...The D-Ring, Thanks Steve!

Find out what your blog is rated at Mingle2.

This is my rating:

Mingle2 -

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crappy (2x) dead (1x)

Here are a few other sites I like to go to:

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This is Shelly's Favorite...looks like I might be a bit plain these days!

Pink Is The New Blog

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Of Those Days

I just had the worse day since I've been here. It started out really weird. I woke up and was mad for some reason! I don't know why...I worked out last night! (ABS class, toughest workout in the International Zone!) I watched Family Guy too! I had a pretty important task to do while I was on the morning show. I had to fix some audio on an interrogation video. The audio was really bad. Turns out the only thing you can make with crappy audio, is really crappy audio. From there everything just started to crumble.

Since Memorial Day I've been feverishly working on trying to out do 36-straight hours of epic rock broadcasting...The team and I came up with the Firecracker 500. 50-straight hours of epic rock broadcasting. Thus, really only a bit shy of 'twice as good as Memorial Day.' I'm ok with that! Once again I have my new friends and maybe one day colleges from VO-BB working with me on the Firecracker 500. This is a very difficult task to pull off. Its now tougher, because the ARMY folks will no longer be available to help out! I lost 20-hours of help! AHHHH!

THEN...I have this really talented friend named SPC Emily Green who I call my producer and we do the Hollywood Report twice a week...she goes by Natasha...she just got moved to a mid shift...which means she'll no longer be able to be Natasha on my show!!! Its one of my favorite elements on my show.

To make matters worse...there is a sorta-sand storm right now, so I can't even go lay out by the pool!

The only shining moment...We're just about to update the Freedom Radio website. Here is a picture of all of the new jocks:

(From left: The Curious One, George Solis; Natasha, Emily Green; Kasbah, Chris Eder; Aries "D", Aries Early; AK, Anthony Kuhn)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Birthday...Late Post

I was hoping for Shelly to jump out of a cake...not that we're that type of couple, but that would have been great! Instead, like most nights in Baghdad I was greated with unwanted fireworks. I did get a surprise slice of cake and some fifty folks sing me happy birthday in the dinning facitlity. I got a homemade card from the kids, a cd and new sandles from Shelly, some iTunes cash, salami, cheese, and pistachios just new a few things. Father's Day was better. I got to webcam with my kids. I love talking with them. Then dinner...I had prime rib, lobster, asperagus and mac and cheese.

Eventhough I had a good time, I wish I was at home with my wife and kids. Only four more months to go!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Invention

This is what I posted on my "Living In The Information World" discussion forum today. The question was what would you like to see invented in the future. Most of my classmates said robots, talking computers, or cures. I was going to go for a 'cure,' but I got really bored reading their pedestrian ideas. I hope you enjoy my idea:

Today it was 120 in the shade at 2:00pm. Today's war has brought me to one of the hottest places in the world. The days are getting longer and the gear I wear, heavier. There is no end in sight. The potentional for future wars are also in hot locals. I sweat in places where I shouldn't. I sweat in places I didn't know existed. I sweat in places I wish I never had to sweat! The invention I wish...err...want...err...NEED, is a cooling/misting orb. This orb, much like my dual zone cooling system and ventilated seats in my Saab 9-5 Aero, would ensure the proper cabin, or uniform temperature. If needed, or requested, it would also ventilate me in any and all areas. Unlike my Saab, my orb would also have the ability to mist me with micro-blasts of energy-boosting water. This water can also be swapped out for vodka when not in uniform. If any of you can help me with this invention, let me know.