Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Will I Miss? What Won't I Miss?

I'm about two weeks out from returning back to my wife and kids. My first weekend home has already been booked out to playing with the kids, quite time with my wife, and NFL Sunday...actually on Sunday. Complete with Margaritas, salsa verde, and chips. The following is a list of things I'll miss and not miss after I leave:

What will I miss:
1) Seeing the Al Rasheed everyday on the way to work. The events that happened in that building have changed me forever.
2) BACON! As little or as much as I want.
3) A sense of duty and accomplishment.
4) A routine that rarely changes.
5) The smell of eucalyptus trees.
6) Working with my new VO friends. (I will keep in touch!)

What I won't miss:
1) BACON! As little or as much as I want.
2) Any sort of meat product in mass quantities.
4) Carrying a weapon 24/7.
5) A routine that rarely changes.
6) Seeing the Al Radheed. It often brings tears to my eyes.
7) DIRT EVERYWHERE! Did you know I'm allergic to dust?
8) Salt stains because I sweat too much.
9) Doing laundry at 5AM in the same place nasty dudes do.

fyi. Mustache update coming soon. It is really starting to grow in. Don't forget to vote...even if I spelled "Awful" wrong.


Bill Elder said...

Chris, Have a safe trip home and a great time with your family. Thanks for all you do! But beware. The new TV show, "Cane," says "Sugar is the new oil." So, we're sending troops to Hershey, Pennsylvania. (rimshot)(jingle)(record)

Anonymous said...

Chris -

Always great to hear from you and get your news. And, of course, that blog helps!

Give me a holler when you get back in town. As I promised, we'll meet in downtown Portsmouth and I'll take you out for a beer or two at the Bier Garden and have some German food, too. Unless you'd rather go someplace else. Actually, you're welcome to pick a place, even in Va Beach. At Town Center, there are lots of great new restaurants:

Have a safe return. We all appreciate you and your service to our country. Plus, you ROCK!

- Charlie
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Anonymous said...

Next time I see you we will go eat at Waffle House at 5 am and buy you LOTS of bacon!


Deb Parsons said...

That is great to hear that you are headed home soon! I am sure your family will be happy to have you safe at home!