Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation To Doha

YES! This must mean I'm at least half way done here! The truth is I'm more than half way. I don't really know how many days I have left. Ollie and Maddy do. They have a cool paper chain they made. For me, I don't want to know. I keep my mind focused on work and staying safe. I feel the harder I work, the more focused I am...the faster my time will fly by. I'm pretty sure my replacement Dorlinda will be here in time for me to leave. So, until she gets here...I will just keep on...keeping on. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT!

It's about my four days in Doha Qatar...I've been on hundreds of trips all over the world, and this one ranks right up there in the top 10. The R&R facility is staffed with some world-class folk and the place is set up just for folks like me to completely chill-out, or blast all over the place at max speed. I did a little of both.

Most of my military friends will tell you the best part of R&R to Doha is...BEER! Truth be told, the beer was pretty good! We're limited to three beers a day, and that turned out to be just right. 22oz Black and Tans times three times four nights equals...a pretty good time. The Top Off was the place to be every night from 6PM until 2AM. They had pool tables, darts, and my beloved FOOSBALL.


Every night I played Foosball with our little group. George, my roommate, Chris, and Tom. We met the two of them during in-processing. Chris and I were an unstoppable team. He destroyed everyone...and we didn't spin!

George and I went on several trips. Here is a quick slide show:

By week's end, I met several new friends, sang karaoke...even was asked to sing accompanied by a guitar, ate my fair share of great food, and was completely relaxed.

Of course all good things must end!
George's Last Beer!

My Last Beer!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious...and seems a well deserved good time. Funny to think they cut you off at 3 beers now...that's not my memory of the military!!! Still a smart move by the D.O.D. :-) Google Earth'd Doha today. Can you tell us...did you boat or drive there? Hope you continue to do well.

Charlie said...

Hey Chris -

I'll buy you up to FOUR beers when you get back to the US (well, depending on your behaviour and on how tall the mugs are, maybe more). Remember I said I'd take you to the German Beer Garden in Portsmouth, VA?

May God bless and protect all you guys and gals over there!

AFN Broadcaster said...


I flew from Baghdad straight to Doha. The exact travel of course is somewhat of an operational security issue. Qatar is a peninsula off of Saudi. The city of Doha is brand new. It is being built right before your eyes. I think 60 Minutes or 20/20 did a story on Doha and Dubai. Basically, both of these cities are being built on slave labor. That is sad, but the city is gorgeous.

AFN Broadcaster said...


DEAL! Do I have you're mailing address? I have a little something here I want to send you. Can you send it to my gmail>