Wednesday, November 07, 2007

100,000 Miles of Memories, Now In Someone Else's Memory Book

First of all...YES this is an endorsement for craigslist! In just 15-minutes I sold my 1997 Isuzu Rodeo, complete with 100,000 miles of memories. We just shipped our Saab to Italy yesterday and were not sure how long it would take to sell the Rodeo, so we put it up today. Incredible! It seems like yesterday we bought it! Oh the memories...

I remember when we bought the car. I was playing volleyball in Sacramento, and Shelly was really baby-sick. I finished early with my games and I just happened to pick up an advertisement for Rodeo's. I drove over, started talking to a salesman, and got double fish hooked. I called Shelly, and like a trooper, against her better will, she agreed to come down to look at this car. Well, we didn't have enough to get a new Rodeo, but they had this one...last year's model available. So Shelly let me get it. She'll go on record that although she loved and loves the car, it isn't the one she wanted!

I remember the when I drove Maddy home from the hospital...I drove 25 mph the entire way...four months later when for some reason I thought I could drive from Sacramento to Salt Lake City in one day...Maddy let me know she wasn't happy! With a U-Haul trailer in-tow, I drove 85 mph for almost two hours.

I remember the first time Maddy got sick in the car. The first time Oliver got sick in the car...They were very similar. In fact, I think we were off to IKEA both times.
Well, today I sold the car to Noah, Amber, and Layla. Noah and Amber are a young couple, much like Shelly and I were. They are tall folks just like us too. It gets even more interesting. They drive a Honda Civic Hatchback and a beater. That is exactly what Shelly and I drove when we met. There was no way either of us was going to bend into a two-door. That was the first thing Amber said when she say the car..."I won't have to bend down anymore!"

So today, a new family gets to begin the next 100,000 miles of memories.

On a sad note...Ollie is very sad to see the Blue car go. As of right now, we don't have a car. That made him sad too. He said, now we can't go anywhere, we can only order food from the computer. I then showed all of the $100 bills I had and he got a real big smile on his face and said, maybe we could get a taxi!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome about the Isuzu and so great everything seems to be moving along smoothly for your family move. We love Craigslist...use it all the time!

So, Russ's co-worker (a well traveled lady) just got back from a Mediterranean Cruise (Italy, Greece, Turkey, French Riviera etc.) She shared her pictures of the area and said her favorite stop in Italy was Florence. How close is Aviano? If given time, you've got to check out her pictures - tons of beauty & history. Makes me want to come visit you and the area even more!! Includes Mother Mary's House.

Bryan said...

I remember when you got that car. Wow. So sad to see it go, but I know how Europe is and a Rodeo isn't as fitting as a Saab. If you get the chance check out my South America pics on myspace. Good times.

Bryan said...

Oh ya, and I may possibly study in Spain this summer. If the dollar rebounds aginst the Euro AT ALL, I will probabaly go to Barcelona for 2 weeks. I can probably add a week and come to Italy. Lots depends on the Euro/Dollar market.

Anonymous said...

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