Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DVR Content Promise...or Our Move!

My youngest is still having a tough time with our move to Italy. Last night we put some "DO NOT PACK" stickers on items staying with the house. Ollie didn't like it too much. He's having a difficult time piecing everything together. He still thinks we're only going for a 7-day trial. Well one of the items posted with a do not pack was our cable box. He wanted to know if we'd still get channel 17, 28...and his biggest question was whether or not we'd have free DVR content. Cox DVR also provides a ton of free content. Everything from cartoons to self-help. The truth is...yes, we will still get channel 17, 28...they just won't be the same as they are here. AFN only offers 8 different channels and no DVR. However...Sky Digital does!

Tonight we move into the hotel. If all goes well, we'll fly off to Italy on Monday morning.


Deb Parsons said...

Just let him know that the ice cream there is better then anywhere else!!!! And there is a good water park about an hour and half from there, and a dinosaur amusement park! And haunted castles! And great spaghetti! And I wish I was going back, 4 years wasn't long enough!

Jen said...

Fly safely! You are going to be missed!


Avcap DVR said...
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Adam Scott said...

AFN only offers 8 different channels and no DVR and also that can be use for Security System.