Sunday, November 04, 2007

Who Says There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?

It all started some seven months ago with a simple e-mail to Voices.ComI must have sent around 30 e-mails that day. Basically, I listened to a ton of voices and sent an e-mail to every voice I liked. I was on my way to AFN Iraq for my second tour of duty and I wanted to freshen up the station image/sound. I had big dreams and was looking for someone (our a lot of someones) to help. About three or four radio stations made a handful of sweepers for the guy did a lot more than a few.
(No I didn't lose an arm in Iraq!)

Charlie Glaize basically set Freedom Radio up! He voiced, and voiced and voiced. Then voiced some more. Before I even left for Baghdad I already had a few show openers, some liners/sweepers...and a bumber to play between almost ANY FREEDOM RADIO ARTIST Yep! Charlie sent me a liner block that said, "You know you're listening to Freedom Radio when you hear____________" then voiced more than 300 different artists. WOW! His generosity didn't stop there. I was still looking to add some more voices for other shows, when Charlie told me I should e-mail a Friend of his...Bob Souer. Bob quickly sent in three radio spots for my 36-Hour Memorial Day show. He then pointed me to VO-BB, where DB Cooper quickly put everything in line and amazed me with her organization skills. (I could easily write a blog on each of the talented VO folks who helped me out...but not today!)

Today is about Charlie. The two of us had lunch Sunday at The Bier Garden in Portsmouth. In a way, I'm glad no other VO's came. Have you ever met someone who you felt as though you've known them forever? Well Charlie fits that bill. We immediately began talking as if we'd been longtime friends. We talked about everything under the sun...and then some. Thanks Charlie!

So whoever says there's no such thing as a free lunch has never met Charlie. He not only sent me thousands of dollars worth of free VO-work, he also treated me to a great meal and some beer. What a country!

Every voice/station listed on Kasbah Radio volunteered their voice/talent to Freedom Radio.


Peter O'Connell said...

That's the thing about VO's. The only thing they like more than talking is eating.

Best regards,
- Peter

Bob Souer said...


I'm so glad you got to spend some time with our mutual friend Charlie Glaize. We've known one another almost 20 years and he's been a great encourager that whole time.

Be well,

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for sharing this story and the picture! It sounds like a wonderful lunch!


Anonymous said...

Ze Biergarden rocks!


todd ellis said...

always nice to meet up with a vo-bb'er! safe travels to italy!

todd ellis

Diane Maggipinto said...

and, as peter said, the only way to get voice talkers to quit talking is ... eating!
of course, chris, you know you've got worlds of culinary experience awaiting you in italy. good luck finding time to work!
hi charlie!

Charlie Glaize said...

Folks, you probably know already, this is so like Chris.

Here I plan for months to make sure I have the chance to honor him for his work at AFN in Iraq and for his brave and honorable service to our country .... and he devotes a page on his blog to me!

Listen, it was a pleasure to help out with the liners and VO needs Chris requested, and I know many other VO folks feel the same way. But it was Chris and his great staff who made it all happen. They are all to be commended for informing, entertaining and inspiring our troops.

Chris .. here's another "virtual toast" to you, muh fren! Oh, and BTW, thanks for helping me choose just the right German beer for our meal. You obviously absorbed a lot of the German "beer culture" when you were stationed in an earlier assignment in that country ... and I appreciate you passing along your helpful recommendations. Here here!

Now, then, who will join Chris and me for some WINE when we get together some day in Italy!

Anonymous said...

2 Cool dudes together over a beer...very sweet.

Please sample all the flavors (food, wine & ambience) of Italy for us. I'm so envious!! ~Prima

mom said...

It is so nice to hear such wonderful things that all of you have said and shared about my son. He has come a very long way since he enlisted some seventeen years ago. And to think, Chris, you were once sewing space suits. I agree with Prima about testing everything. We love you and have a very safe trip.

AFN Broadcaster said...

The food was good, the beer was great and the conversation...priceless! Charlie, I hope you do come over. I think I have you and Diane as definates; DB, Frank, Bill, Kara, and Bob as maybes, and Peter, Mary, Lizden, and Prima as fingers crossed!

So my mom let the hat out of the bag...yes its true! I use to be an Aerospace Physiologist with the U2 and SR-71 high altitude space program...I also taught Survival Training. It seems so long ago. This Broadcasting gig is what I was born to do. I love the people I meet and the impact of the job has.

Anonymous said...

What a great look at one of the most talented, generous and giving guys in the entire VO industry. When you check out the dictionary under "generosity" you will find a picture of Charlie Glaize.

Voice Actors said...

Hi Chris,

I'm so happy that I found this post on your blog! It's wonderful to hear about the work Charlie did for you as well as Bob and DB (and the VO-BBers), all of whom I have met in person and am honored to know :)

Thank you for providing such an excellent service to the troops stationed abroad.

I watched a TV special on the CBC (I'm a Canadian) featuring a visit made by comedians to entertain Canadian troops stationed in Kandahar. That program demonstrated just how much it means to those protecting our freedom to have our support and how special it is to hear from friendly, familiar voices.

Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

Stephanie Ciccarelli
Co-founder of

mom said...

OOPS! Sorry Chris, BUT... you have come alon way, baby. You are right about one thing. You are meant to broadcast.

Bill Elder said...

I'm always late to th party. Chris, Thanks for this post in setting me straight. I've been eating AS I was voicing.