Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Brand New Mashup...Or...Look Out T-Pain

I've always liked to mash things up. Mostly potatoes, but I also remember I use to mash ketchup and mustard together to dip my fries into. I also enjoyed mashing as many ingredients as possible together to make new and better recipes. Most of them failed. But, that's not the type of mashing I'm talking about.

According to Wikipedia: a mashup is a Web application that combines data or functionality from two or more sources into a single integrated application. The term mashup implies easy, fast integration, frequently done by access to open APIs and data sources to produce results that were not the original reason for producing the raw source data. An example of a mashup is the use of cartographic data from Google Maps to add location information to real estate data, thereby creating a new and distinct Web service that was not originally provided by either source.

Well...what happens when you mashup TV news and the ever popular - AUTO TUNE???
Wonder no more!

I'm not really sure if I like the news better with or without the auto tune...but I think I might like the application of auto tune better on the news rather than on music. For the record...I DO NOT LIKE AUTO TUNE MUSIC...but Auto Tune The News...I do like.

What I'm really impressed by is the quality of work by these would-be journalists. The edits are clean, the pacing is fantastic, it is funny without being forced. Take a good look stale-journalist, maybe you can learn something from this???

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Years In The Making! finally happened.  I've officially outlived many of my peers!  I want to thank everyone past and present who have made me the person I am today.  The day was nearly perfect.  I wish more people from my past would have been able to make it.  I spoke about only three of my mentors from the past...mostly because I thought my 8-page speech was already too long.  But really, I just talked about MSgts, since that is the grade I was being promoted to.  I don't have the speech with me right now, but if you'd like to read my thoughts on the importance of being an NCO, send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you.  Here are a few pics from the day.  Enjoy!

Top Leftt: MAJ Bryant preparing to re-affirm my oath of enlistment.  Almost every pic of me, my eyes were closed.
Top Right: My boss, Retired Navy Chief, Keith Boydston making me an honorary Navy Chief.
Bottom:  The entire family tacking on my new rank.  Ollie and Maddy were happy to be able to "hit" me.

Me trying to read my speech.  I had to skip the first page.  It was all about Shelly and the kids.  I was in tears from the first word.  Shelly said she was happy I skipped it, because she started to cry too.  Ollie was more interested in his awesome shoes with flames on them.  I wish they fit me!  I think I would look cool in flame shoes.
That is Daddy Eagle...aka, Bill Hickman...friend and mentor giving me "much love."  The best part about promotions...CAKE!

We are doing great living La Dolce Vida in Italy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year Of The NCO

This is the first of a 36-spot Ad campaign for the Year of the NCO. The Army has designated 2009 the year of the NCO. More to come.

I shot/produced this spot, and my awesome graphics dept made the...well graphics.