Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Am Alive!

The move into the News department has taken its toll on me and my addiction to blog. It appears it also had an effect on my friends and family. I want to first say, "I'M ALIVE AND WELL!" There was a two week period where there was only two folks in news. My team was only four-strong. Today, there are 9 of us! Last week I went on my R&R. One fantastic week in Doha Qatar. (Another blog to come!)

So do I fill my days and weeks with? Why haven't I been hitting the web? Mostly because I spend 12-14 hours in the office. I love being in charge of the news. I've had to break out every single organizational and leadership tool I have! Although I miss radio, I'm loving news. It doesn't hurt that I have a great team. When I do come home, I usually watch a show or two, then. I still get up at the butt-crack of dawn. Plus, I've decided to kick my workouts up a notch or two:

Although I'm not certified I've been leading these classes. It is a very different workout and it really forces me to stay on it. Breathing, teaching, and time management. The class is averaging 7 folks, but yesterday 14 showed up.

Stay tuned for pics and stories from Doha Qatar. There are also a few videos of me singing. Not sure if they'll make it in time for the post.


Diane said...
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Diane said...

Sounds like you're achieving great balance, or working hard toward it, Chris. And I mean that in more ways than one!

What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

Make me one with everything.

See you on the vo-bb. Hope The Curious One is filling your big shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yahooooo....good to hear from you! Sounds like a well deserved vacation. I'd like to join your Yoga class, but its a long drive. Keep up the good work with the News.

chissey2a said...

Hi Chris, glad you are ok and you enjoyed your vacation.
We (as in Tammy and the kids, mum and dad, my cousin and myself) went to the south coast camping for 5 days. On the second night a huge storm hit and the big tent collapsed and broke leaving 4 adults and 2 kids sleeping in the awning of mum and dads caravan, lucky it was big enough. The next 2 days we were trying to dry everything out. We did manage a couple of days at the beach. fortunatly we are British and took everything in our stride.
Narissa x

AFN Broadcaster said...

Thanks d3! TCO is doing one hell of a job! Get ready for Rock A-Z Labor Day Weekend! I'm drafting some liners tonight!

AFN Broadcaster said...

I really miss England. I'm sure my family will be headed that way when we move to Italy.