Thursday, September 20, 2007

Decisions Part 2- The Worse

My grandpa once told me everyday I'd have dozens of decisions to make. He told me decisions were easy to make...but the consequences of my decisions could be tough to bear. Well a month ago, I made the worse decision of my life!

In an attempt to build the broadcasters I work with into a fine tuned team, I bet them they couldn't achieve what seemed to be an impossible goal. By now I hope you've read my blog, my co-worker's blog!, and the Air Force Times! Some of you may have even clicked over to the Multi-National Force Iraq website to see me on catch up on all the progress Coalition Forces are making throughout Iraq! I want to thank my friends and family who sent some real nice words:

Mom "I've watched the news three times, I don't see a mustache!"
Lindsey "Mustaches are creepy!"
I will stop there...because today I have proof for all of you. More importantly, proof of the sage advice that lead this blog...THE CONSEQUENCES OF SOME DECISIONS COULD BE TOUGH TO BEAR!!!

Here is my co-workers latest War Whiskers updated picture:


Peter O'Connell said...


The diagram was EXTREMELY helpful. I wasn't sure what I was looking at! :)

Best always,

AFN Broadcaster said...

HA HA! It really is coming in very well. It scares the crap out of me everytime I look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

yup...the lord knows i've made some stupid decisions in my life.. like getting drunk and falling down a flight of stairs or taking the wrong turn in washington d.c. and getting lost. the nice thing about the mustache decision is you can always shave it off and the consequences are over!

later bro,

AFN Broadcaster said...

Guy! I say the same about tattoos and piercings. Once I realized how stupid I looked with my piercings, I was able to pull them out. Not the case with tattoos.

Anonymous said...

hey! i like my tattoo. it's a celtic chain and the women really did it.

Anonymous said...

i meant "dig" spelling gets worse by the day! i swear...

Deb Parsons said...

Well, if that is the worst decision in your life, then you are doing pretty good! You don't look bad with the stache! Diff, but not bad! Now if any women on your team partook in this challenge, then I would be concerned! :-P

Anonymous said...

Charming question