Friday, October 19, 2007

I Ran Today...or...What I Missed

Today I ran out to the marina and back. 3 miles if you're keeping track. This is the distance I normally run, however while in Iraq I found it very difficult. The obvious reasons of course: mortars, rockets, intense heat, and more rockets and mortars. The real tough part was the dust. I'm allergic to dust. I think I might also be allergic to dying too. (LOL) Anyway, it didn't take me long to realize I might be killing myself by trying to stay healthy in Iraq. I had to run on the treadmill which only hurt my knees. So fast forward to today. I ran out to the marina and back. I forgot how beautiful it is. The marsh and Chesapeake as my backdrop. My iPod blasting into TWO ear buds as there were no worries of "TAKE COVER" happening over the next three miles. All of the houses have been updated since I left for Iraq too. Other than the intense humidity, it was a great day to run.

With all that said...I think my next running grounds will provide an even better backdrop for me. One where I can lose myself in my surroundings and forget about how far or how long I've been running. Plus, I don't think Italy floods or have mosquitos that have their own Union.


Deb Parsons said...

No mosquitos in Italy? Are you kidding? HAHAHAHA! If you live off base, there is a good chance you won't have window screens or AC, so the breeze through the house is the only thing keeping the temps comfortable. They have plug in devices that you put little blue disks in to keep away the bugs. I did have great areas to run at in Italy, although I was about an hour west of Vicenza. Lived a block from Lago di Garda (awesome lake to visit!) so that made for some relaxing runs/rides. That and running past the bakery first thing in the morning and smelling all those things that made me have to run in the first place!!!

Krislynn said...

I didn't have the mortar risk in Africa, but definitely the heat and dust risk. Used to run in 120 degrees plus. UGH! This is a piece of cake over here.
Oh, by the way, agree with Deb Parsons on the pastry run. Used to be like that in Germany too. Those chocolate croissants ALWAYS called to me...;-)
Glad you're home safe! Now get packing for your Italy fun!!! I'm so jealous!!!