Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Lost A Bet...Or Have I???

It all started about two and a half months ago when I moved from radio into the news department. My #2 authored this blog! If you decide not to click the link, here is a quick excerpt:

So, me and some of the guys here are letting our lustrous lip locks grow out over the course of our deployment. As you can see, this is quite a monumental task for some. And it is not for the faint of heart or lily livered. Two "men" (I use the term loosely) have already broken the pact we made and shaved because people told them they looked silly. And theirs looked about 57 times better than mine does. I am fully aware that by the end of my time in Iraq, there will still be no part of my mustache that you won't be able to see straight through, not unlike the fine, downy sheen of a fresh picked peach. But I am undeterred. Because these whiskers, all 26 or so of them, stand for something. I like to think of them as a microcosm of Iraq.

Nick goes on to tie his horrible looking caterpillar mustache to the overall war effort and wraps everything up with this:

Once again, we are HERE. Now. We won't get a second chance at this, and if we don't get it right, we'll face a threat that doesn't care about who you voted for or what your bumper stickers say. Watch the news, read up on what's going on over here. We're closer than we've ever been. The Surge is working, the Government of Iraq is progressing (albeit not quickly enough for some), and the people here want to see their government succeed. None of this will happen if we pull out too soon. We've started this mustache. Let's not shave before giving it a chance to grow.

I laughed at these horrible mustache as they began to slowly appear atop several of my co-workers lips. I thought for sure this silly idea would never prove to have staying power. Within the first two weeks of this plan several co-workers quickly shaved their lips. I had been asked several times to grow my mustache out! Ha I said. Do you know who you're asking to grow a mustache? I'm one of the most vain persons you've ever met. Really...Look up Merriam Websters definition of vain...It's my picture! So I said "NO!" Surely this poorly plotted plan would flop! NOPE! Instead it gained speed. Air Force Times picked it up! Read more...

Well as I took over the news team...there were many nights where we stayed late into the night putting together the nightly newscast. At the time, we had eight broadcasters working as individuals. We were working hard, but not smart. There were some highs, and some lows. After several morning meetings/mentoring/training/team building...the eight slowly began to work as a team. In a almost last ditch effort to bring them the final ten-yards to being a full-fledged team...I challenged them. I said if they could get the newscast done five straight nights by 5:30, I would grow a mustache to support the cause...I thought surely even if we hit our stride, there were enough uncontrollable variables that would prevent us from completing this task five consecutive nights.

WELL! It happened. Today was the fifth straight night...and it was a challenge. We had a no-notice press conference today that lasted nearly three hours. Yet, some how, we still pulled it off. So today, I begin to grow out my lip hair in support of my team. A team, I'm very proud to be apart of. A team, which I can easily say, is the best team I've ever been apart of. A team, who undoubtedly are leaving one hell of a fingerprint on the history of Iraq. Viva Stache!
Here is the latest update!

PS. Go Nick!


Lindsey said...

Mustaches are creepy!

Anonymous said...

That Chris, has got to be one of the most moving blogs I've read in quite some time...For the underlying themes of what you were saying. It's been a while since I was in Iraq. 2004 in fact. I left the day before we turned CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) into our Embassy (translation, when we started letting them govern some). I thought then that if we give it time, this could and should work. I've tempered some of that thought now, but the fact still remains, that yes...I too still believe it can. I'd go back in a heart beat. That's right...If they told me I was leaving tomorrow, I'd be on the plane and with no regrets. Point? Well man...It's simple. I'm freakin A glad we got good folks like you over there, and I sure do get moved more by things like this, then whatever the nightly news spews forth as "gospel". Keep on growing the stash man...Some of us still believe it will fill out fully (or at least will look fuller then it is currently).

Posted by Wayne-bo on September 10, 2007 - Monday at 10:48 PM

mom said...

Chris, if I remember correctly, your dad had only 6 or 8 hairs on his chest when we were marrid. Could't tell you now. We used to laugh at that. aybe your stash takes after him. Remember, he is also cose to bald. (laughing) Besides, it is not the hair on someones body that makes the man. It's what's in your heart. I lov you.

mom said...

Ok, so I saw the video. Good luck, Chris and I hope there are stashes that are lighter in hair than yours.

Deb Parsons said...

Very cool- saw the blurb in the AF Times about the 'stache' contest! Nice! I hope the rest of your tour is going fast so you can get back home to your wife and kids, and get ready to head to Bella Italia!