Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saying Goodbye (Times 2)

They always say good things come in two's...RIGHT? Well in my case it is! How appropriate that I leave the same day American Idol sensation and teenage heart throb, Sanjaya left American Idol. For Shelly, it is kind of a two for one deal! (THIS IS HUMOR...NOT REAL)

I have a long 1-3 day journey ahead of me. I leave behind my world-class, top-of-the-line, (not an appliance) loving wife. Of all the people I've meet over the years, she is the only one qualified to live the life I've asked her to live. For that I will always love her and be indebted to her. All three of my kids are at different cross-roads in their lives. Each needing a little more attention and a gentle touch to help them through. I wonder...How tall will Nigel be? Will Ollie's tooth EVER fall out? Will Maddy still be Daddy's girl? How much wine is going to be needed when I return?

To all of my extended family and friends: THANK YOU for all of the kind words and all of the offers to help Shelly. You truely are all very special people. Thanks!

Here is something that isn't controvesial at all....(love you Sandra!) It is a graphic I made for my friend Jason Tudor. He has started a new Public Affairs group on Myspace and this is a logo I made for him...if he ever uploads it...
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J. 'DP' W. said...

Good luck, Chris! I'll be sure to stop by and visit when the team comes through B-dad. :) BE SAFE!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Chris, our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone there as well as with those left here to keep the family going.
Aunt Donna

Krislynn said...

Have fun and keep your head down! Keep making waves and doing awesome stuff! Look me up in Djibouti!!!!

david said...

Be safe, and return strong!

BTW: I've met Jason -- he used to my sister's boss, way back when, when they worked PA together at Lowry AFB!

Krislynn said...

Sorry, one last comment... Told you Richardson wasn't gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) I think I sprang my ankle last night from jumping up and down when Sanjaya was FINALLY booted off...long awaited!

Mom said...

I have to say that tears flowed after our phone call yesterday. Please my son, be very careful and come home safe. If you can please let me know that you have arrived there safe. Shelly can call if needed.
On AI, I really thought it would be Chris that would leave as soo many really like Sanjaya. He hung around for longer than expected. I guess next week will be Chris then Phil.
I love you and keep us all posted. I can't do much for Shelly and the kids being so far away. But all of you will be in my prayers.

pbohall said...

Dear Chris,

I wish you a safe journey & speedy return home to your family. Kudos to Shelly for all her strength, love 2 you and nurturing to the kids. Hope you find a way to blog us while you're there. Let me know if I can mail you a mix tape :-) Your Friend Always, Prima

chissey2a said...

Good Luck Chris, Hope your journey goes quickly and the next months do too. You are going to love Italy.
On thing about you leaving now, We don't watch American Idol till Fridays so you can't spoil the result by posting it on Thursdays !!!!
Keep safe
Narissa and Tammy x

Anonymous said...


We are thinking of you and praying for you. Hopefully this awful war will come to an end as soon as possible. We will keep in touch with Shelly and the kids.
If you hear of any particular vet coming back that needs Bob's help, let us know.
Jenny and Bob

Anonymous said...

Give em hell boy! Kick their asses with your radio program

Sandra Brown said...

Thanks Chris, Right back at 'cha! Keep your head down, check six (remember Doc?), and you know I'm still your wingman. I look forward to hearing about your exploits in the world of citizen, military, commercial, combat journalism! HA! That's a joke everybody.


guess who said...


Chris, in the words of one of my favorites, "Nothing Else Matters". Just make sure your nothing is something.

mom said...

Some of my classmates will be visiting here. Hopefully they will leave you messages as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you do for US.. I have ask the Lord to keep you in his loving arms & return you home safely to your family when this tour is finished. God Bless & keep you safe!
With great respect & admiration
Margie Francis (S.A.V.H.S. class of 65)