Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Beginning of AFN Broadcaster

Oh the power of the Internet and social media. After weeks of research on citizen journalism, days of writing, and hours of discussing the powers of citizen journalism I wanted to just relax tonight...But then my 16-year old son shared this clip with me. He found it on one of his friends MySpace page. This is exactly how grassroots journalism, citizen journalism, networked journalism...whatever you want to call it works!

Unfortunately...the video option is down, so you'll have to go HERE to see this most awesome video.

When I worked at AFN Eifel we had a segment called pass the mic. This was for Presidents Day 2000. The little boy who looks like he just saw a ghost is my now 6'5" son. The goofy guy in the 'what was I thinking' glasses...well that is me. Enjoy!


Krislynn said...

Chris, that is absolutely the sweetest video. It's all about sheltering and feeding the homeless, raising salaries for the military and the fact that Chris Eder rocks! ;-) Not much has changed with you over the years, as I can tell. You always like to keep things fun!!!

steve said...

Hey Chris,
I was surfing for a link to AFN Eifel to see if I could find out if they're still using my contest-winning suggestion for an afternoon radio program. This was back in the summer of '01 or '02, and the name I won with was something like "The Drive (at 5?)", and it seems like the dj was a young girl, A1C I believe. Can you help me out? Check me out at Thanks!