Wednesday, April 25, 2007

177 Days and Counting! took a bit of time to get here, but I made it! The trip started off with a visit with the Secretary of Labor, Mrs. Elaine L. Chao. She was celebrating National Volunteer Week.

From Baltimore I flew into Ramstein. My friend Charlie Gill came through in the bottom of the ninth inning and brought me one of my favorite foods in the world...A DONER KEBAB! I think Charlie just might be my new best friend. At least he was that day. It was really good to catch up with him. It seems the Det at Ramstein is looking forward to the future AFNEWS structure.

From there I spent a few days at a great island retreat. This place is used as a Rest and Recuperation spot. The day we arrived they were celebrating Spring. They had a cool band playing. They're called, An American Band and they play in the local area.

The music was really good. All of the troops started a conga line...

We're not the only folks who use the base for R&R. These Brits showed up and they were the life of the party.

I found this guy practicing the military motto, "Hurry up and wait!"

I start my first on-air shift in the morning. I'm a bit rusty, so I'm making the morning crew come in an hour earlier than normal. They didn't seem too upset about that. I'll snap some pictures of the new stomping grounds tomorrow.


Krislynn said...

We miss you! Sounds like you're doing great! I'm sure you'll do fantastic tomorrow!!!!! Just be yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your trip over sounds like an adventure! Good photos too. Glad you made it safely & had a little R&R on the way. Best 2 you tomorrow - you'll be great!

mom said...

Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. Glad you arrived safely.
You will do fine with your new program. Your my son that's how I know. Keep your head up high and your eyes moving. Love you with all my heart.