Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Day Off...And No Trouble...Well Kind Of!

Today was my day off. In 2003, my first day off was really BAD! October 26th 2003 will forever be apart of my life. (The flak vest Paul Wolfowitz is wearing is mine!) My second day off in 2003 wasn't as bad, but it too was cut short. December 13th was an emotional roller coaster. In a packed press conference room, Ambassador Paul Bremmer spoke the following famous words, "Ladies and gentlemen...we got him!" The room exploded with emotion. For nearly 20 minutes Iraqis screamed, shouted, cursed and cried. It was an incredibly intense moment. After that day off, I told my boss, Erik Brazones, I no longer wanted another day off!

Well this day off wasn't nearly as bad as 2003. In fact, it was no where near as bad. I had a ton of homework to make up since I've been in transit for the past nine days. First on the docket...math! I HATE MATH! The deal is, if I pass a pre-test, then I don't have to accomplish the homework. Sounds like a good deal. The bad news is, I missed two, too many questions. The worse news is, I challenged them with the instructor by e-mail, only to work them out again to figure out, I indeed did get them wrong. (WAH WAH WAAH!) I know it is hard to complain about the extremely slow Internet, (I keep waiting to hear those old 54K modem dial-up noises) because last time I was here...there was no Internet. Well the math work took all day to do. I still have a paper to write on Security and Privacy on the Internet. I have to use two different search engines and a library database, compare and contrast the two, and use criteria from a reading lesson to answer several questions.

I had to clear my head, so I took a yoga class. There are nine different classes here. The one I took was billed as "power yoga." I've taken several power yoga classes in the past...well this was different. It was a "combat" power yoga. Not what I really wanted, but definitely what I need. It was really tough. I think it had a lot of pilates included. Half way through the class we did 400 crunches non-stop. (I didn't do all 400...more like 100-150-ish.)

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Kati said...

400 crunches? That's ludicrous! No human should be able to do 400 crunches.

And don't worry - no PA worth a darn in this history of PA was ever good at math. It's not our thing.

Check out the past Early Birds. Go back about two weeks (maybe 10 days) and find the one on PA and IO. You will love that one. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!