Friday, April 13, 2007

Say Hello to Webcam Chris!

Today there are three things I'm happy about! (Really there are more, but for the sake of good blogging...there is only three.)

1) Haley finally got the boot. I feel vindicated because Gina went home last week.
2) I get to eat Mexican food today for's my going away lunch and I love, love, love salsa verde.
3) Shelly and I set up the webcams last night.

This is me this morning in my favorite place these days...on the couch with laptop on lap.

We are using MSN Messenger for our webcam video calls.
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You can download this for free HERE!

Webcams are pretty cheap and you look really funny on them.
My Messenger name is: broadcast_this
If you'd like to chat, or web chat...add me to your list of friends.

PS...Don't be scared! It is really easy to get a Messenger account and set up a webcam. And you don't need a webcam to use Messenger.


J. 'DP' W. said...

I'm stealing this idea, in addition to the wishlist and blog about blogging. :)

mom said...

I added msn for you