Thursday, April 19, 2007

Citizen Journalism...Say Hello to Citizen Radio

I think I'm on to something again. Could there possibly be a need for Citizen Radio? Not pirate radio, where someone with a stack of albums pirates a signal and plays the music of their choice...rather...a group of professionals who just want to help the other guy out!

I sent out a message to a friend of mine who is a Senior Account Executive for
Eastman Radio Atlanta, Inside Radio and to a handful of morning show hosts, and voice over talent. I told them the story of Freedom Radio and asked if they'd like to help...They did! So far 25 folks have stepped up to the plate to voice liners like this one!


Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm not extremely well education on pirate vs. freedom radio, but a few years ago when we moved back home from Portland (PDX)...Russ and I were impressed by the local alternative radio channel (97 the Rogue-KROG.) We were hearing OLD & new alternative - stuff you never heard on "corporate" (play the same songs every hour) stations in PDX. Russ said it was because the station is locally owned. Well... now they've updated their name & site. Songs are sounding more repetitive & top 40 alt more & more. Could it be they've sold out for the mula? Help me understand plz.

Bobby said...

Wow, how cool to run across this post!

Get this; I was the program director of KROG from 2002-2005 and had a great time playing all those new and old school alternative tracks you mention. We had a really cool staff and lots of fun.

I left KROG in late 2005 and the station flipped to a mainstream new rock format. It's true, they probably only play maybe 100 songs? now.

Good times while they lasted! Glad you enjoyed it.

Wild Planet Radio

AFN Broadcaster said...

Thanks for posting. My friends Russ and Prima rave about KROG. We should stay in touch! I retire from the Air Force in three years. We're thinking about heading that direction afterwards. Maybe I can be your new morning guy at Wild Planet?