Friday, March 02, 2007


Is this who you want to be the next American Idol?
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Or is this who you want to win?
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Listen folks...there are some really mean people, who call themselves Americans, who much like terrorists, want to ruin everything that is sacred in our pathetic reality-tv filled hole we call our life. Don't let them take away our dignity! VOTE.

Good news/Bad news:
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My juicy under-dog Gina is still in. Every season I pick someone Shelly hates and don't stop talking about how great he/she is. It drives Shelly CRAZY! Gina is that person this year...however, I really do like her voice, and I think she is juicy...I like juicy!
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You just made a fool of yourself on national TV! Sorry, turns out you really weren't that good!

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On a side note, Kelly Pickler was on the show...what the hell happened to her hair? Who did her make-up? And, did she look different?
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Nic said...

fyi i liked what i found on antonella! pretty hott! anywho i hate sundance i wanna see him go... i would have rather seen weird brother with the hat go instead of the second guy that went last night.. but really im glad 'red' budda bi bop is gone. she sucks. and yes i like juicy girl... wow im bad with names... is it sad that only girl i know the name of in antonella cause she is in the news so much? crazy!

AFN Broadcaster said... isn't bad you don't know the names. Possibly it means you actually have a life, or most likely you have spent too much time watching America's Next Top Model...which btw voted off Kathleen on the debut...BIG MISTAKE!

nlwaggoner said...

Ok, Kellie Pickler. First of all her performance I thought was lame and how much spider sushi has she been eating? She could afford to gain a few pounds, but come on, and that boob job? It's ridiculous how perfect they are. And where did that ass come from?

T-hoe Family said...

You know I think Gina has underdog potential like you say.. The first time I saw her on the show there was something about her that was different...I would love to see her go to the top BUT
I think she will make it to about the top 8 but then that's it..I will bet you a buck!!..
You should start your own AI pool, it's is almost MARCH Madness why not have an AI Madness pool..LOL

Ok so there is some LUV for ya..How about some back !!

Ayngels said...

I couldn't believe that Sundance was tearing up like that. My god man get over whatever your issues are. I think the first thing that I noticed about Kellie was her breasts. Then of course I noticed the hair. Yeah, the make-up job was bad too.