Saturday, March 10, 2007

Combat Skills Training...

I'm on my way to Combat Skills Training. This is a two week course were I...Chris Eder...Broadcaster Numero Uno...will learn how to yield my M-16 with great vengeance and furious anger on those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. You will now it was me, a broadcast journalist, who was there, when I lay my vengeance upon you.

OK! Maybe it won't be like that, but I will learn how to clear out buildings and how to take up offensive and defensive positions. This time instead of blasting Celine Dion music from my iPod and yielding my three-barreled tripod, I will actually have some lethal skills.

I know, some of you would argue Celine is just as powerful as a M-16. Others would argue, no one would want to take me as a POW, because after 10-15 minutes of me talking, any sane and even insane person would let me go. To that I say THANKS! You're right. And that is my plan if ever I am captured. I will revert to my days when my aunts used to pay me top dollar to be quite for 15-minutes. It worked then and it will work now. Only now, I'm equipped with knowledge...and knowledge is power. Plus, I still plan on bringing my iPod with a playlist called Karaoke. In dire situations, I plan to engage the enemy in song. No one can beat me or tolerate me when I'm singing Sweet Caroline, or Tiny Dancer. Consider yourself warned.

I'm looking forward to my training and believe that the training, prior experience and a dedication to family, America, and life, I will be prepared.

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...a picture of me at work....
Here is my mailing address: (Don't send anything until I leave...for security reasons I can't discuss the date)

TSgt Chris Eder
APO AE 09316

Some have already asked if I will need anything over there. I've started a wishlist which is located under my profile on my blog page. Some of the items are frivolous, others kind of spendy, and then the rest is what I really need and can't get over there. Not on the list, Hot Mama pickles...they are awesome.


Ayngels said...

Some say that it is challenging where others say that it is easy. However, I know you will do well in your training. I have one piece of advice during your training. That is to steer clear of the onion and garlic smelling maintainer. Also know that he may or may not shower.

AFN Broadcaster said...

There are plenty of folks who stink here.