Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yesterday we ran through tactics. Basically we learned how to be an asset in a fire team in the event we take fire from insurgents. It was a long tough day. I chose to wear my full body armor, which weighs in at around 40 pounds. I'm very sore and tired. I'm not sure how some of the other folks are making it. I've lost 27 pounds since the first of the year and shaved a full minute off my 1.5 mile run time. I look around me and we have some really old National Guardsmen, and Reserves here, plus some rather hefty out of shape folks.

Tonight my squad heads out for night operations. New Jersey is in a winter weather watch. They are calling for flash floods tonight and 1-3 inches of snow in the morning. THIS WILL BE THE BEST TRAINING FOR IRAQ EVER! Snow and Rain!

Later this week we learn Urban warfare...with paint guns. I've already informed everyone that my feelings will be hurt, and I'd probably start crying if someone hit me with their paint gun. I also told them I would drop my gun and engage in hand to hand combat if they hit me...!


Nick said...

This is great man, keep it comin' I wanna know what to expect, as this is my first deployment and my wife is freakin' out, and freakin' me out in the process. This is good for both of us!

chrisvadnais said...

Surprisingly, you get used to the body armor pretty quickly. I don't even notice it anymore. I throw that shit in the air every morning, stepping under and into it like a pro. Then I go get some french toast.

The funny part about all this is that you aren't likely to use any of that training over here. The thing about fire teams is that there is a very set way that each team does things, methodically and routinely. Having a stranger in the mix who thinks he knows the drill is more dangerous than anything. You'll be out of the way. The Soldiers will make sure of that.

Nick, this is important for you and your wife, too: You'll be safe here. Yes, you're in Iraq, and yes, there is stuff blowing up and pretty much everyone here wants to kill you. However, if and when you go outside the IZ you'll be under the care of absolute professionals. They don't expect--or want--you to use your piddly two weeks' worth of training to help them engage in what they do professionally. And I say thank God for that.

You're going to that B.S. training course so you can't say you didn't know what to do if--God forbid--something were to happen and you ended up having to actually use your weapon. Taxpayers don't buy "he wasn't properly trained, so he got fucked up."

Our wives should all know by now how much of a sissy we all are. The Army's not going to let anything happen to you. Yes, it's dangerous over here, but you'll be well taken care of. You'll be armed to the tooth, and should anything pop off, some 18 year-old PFC who already has a Purple Heart will fold you up neatly underneath him while he takes care of business.

scooby said...

This blog is lame.

T-hoe Family said...

Must be busy there. I am starting to have "Broadcast This" withdrawals...Please give us more.