Thursday, March 15, 2007

Action Will Always Beat Reaction...Combat Skills Training Day 1

I'm at Combat Skills Training in New Jersey. Stuck...12-fellas to a room. The guy below me sticks something wicked. Other than that...I'm ok, well kind of.

I ran out of my ADD meds right before I came here and was unable to get a new prescription. That isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is...combine me without meds and instructors who are down right horrible...then Chris' mind is free to roam. And roam it did during DOT 1 (Day of Training)

Instead of listening to what the instructors where trying to teach, I was listening to what they were saying. It wasn't good, but very funny. Here are some one liners that had me going:
-Things of that nature...
-...and what not!
-You want it loose, but not sloppy loose.
-You want to take that in the rear.
-I'm too big to hid behind a sapling, I need a big bush to hide in!

This continued through DOT 2. PLUS...NO AMERICAN IDOL for the next two weeks!

There was some good that came from the first day of training. I ran into two people from my past that really have helped set the tone for my future. The first is a guy named Brian Purtell. I knew him as SSgt Purtell, now he's Capt Purtell. Brian was the very first TV news story I covered. He won an award for a picture he shot. Later, I bumped into Sgt First Class Ken Hudson. Ken is an Army Public Affairs troop that was with me in Baghdad in '03. He was there the day insurgents rocketed our hotel. He is training for another deployment just like me.

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