Saturday, February 24, 2007

Say Goodbye to 867-5309

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One-hit wonder Tommy Tutone had everyone yelling, "Now that I got her number...I'm going to make her mine!" The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Charts in 1982. The song spun plenty of men and women into a frenzy. Wanting to have that number, giving that number as their own to some would-be partner, and my favorite...on the bathroom wall...
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Well those days are over...Say hello to 2007. For people with ADD, there are plenty of options to keep you communicating and still have time to...oh look, something shiny!

My friend Jason posted this: "WOW... I think I may need to slow down as well...What have we come to... No more phone calls, just MYSPACE,e-mail and BLOGs..."

From Jacksnupple: "p.s. I love how your mom left a permanent comment to tell you to fix something before someone sees it.I wish my mom knew what a blog is."

And from my cousin Greta: "I don't know what a blog is! All I can do on the Internet is: check e-mail, pay my bills, and buy airline tickets."

That used to be me too! But, the world around us is changing...and changing fast! I really felt stuck in the middle of all of it. Hell, my dad changes operating systems, upgrades, and tweaks performance output values on his computer as often as I wash my clothes. My oldest son is an Administrator on several Tech Forums. Even my youngest son can change wallpapers and is a whizz on the computer. Like my cousin, I mostly checked e-mail, and surfed the web for useless info, like cocktail recipes, men's issues, and happy news! Not anymore.

(Now for my Carrie Bradshaw-debut)
So I started to think...are the people uptown having more sex...err! Sorry...ADD again!
Really, how are people communicating these days? Do girls still have "sucker boards" in their apartments? This is a cork board with the telephone numbers of all the guys who hit on them and bought them drinks all night...and got nothing in return, but a place on the board! Do people really call anymore?

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evn wen we do cll n 2k7, chncs r, u won't evn heA my voiC. Nstead somit wl Itha buz n yr pocket, or play yr fav song... myn S Wind It ^! thN sme kinda freaky lukin combo of wrds n #s appear on dis tiny 2x2 screen. BRB, LOL, B4N, FYEO, WDYT, GTG, TAFN, TTYL...ME!

Everybody is doing it...My mom has a blog! There's no content, no cool widgets, put...15 people have visited it. I know because that's how we assign value in today's communication. Traffic on your site...number of hits...number of visitors...number of other sites your blog is linked. It's all about the social networks these days.
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Really, does anyone use a phone anymore? OK! Maybe in cases of emergency, or by obligation
because of guilt...(not to be taken serious by anyone who shares my family lineage...just a humorous see...I'm trying to be funny...not that funny anymore since I had to explain it!) Otherwise, Check out my new widget. ...AFNBroadcaster has posted a new blog. ...You got Mail. Most importantly...learn about your future. How will you vote? Republican or Democratic? Who is running? (I'm working on a blog about our future...this is a little teaser...doesn't really pertain to this post....oh look shiny)

So, where do you stand? Can you hyper-link? Do you dial-up? Or do you SKYPE? This is FREE. I can call my friend Big E for free...using my computer. That is pretty cool. ME! Well, I'm somewhere in between...put climbing fast. Just this week, I've learned about widgets, embedded code, and hyperlinks. I also watched five hours of American Idol....SHINY!
1) What is this?
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2) What is this?
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1) A trendy through-back stylized coaster for your drinks. They are really cool...keeps rings off your table.
2) A pre-historic dinosaur bone called handhelda oratator. Discovered in 2007 in Lickskillet Alabama.


geminis2 said...

Your too funny. I am opld enough to know what both of them are. #1. Either a 33 1/3 record or a 78.
#2 An old telephone

Nic said...

for real. my cell phone bill has plunged because i use the internet so much. its sad. but really this is what im growing up to. im still young.. 21 going on 21 really. its still cool. i think thats what its all about... about your shout out to obama... i like him! he's got my vote. no to hilary... unless they cancel each othre out then the next 4 years are going to be hell again.... oh and by the way that was funny about being obligated to call.. i have to call my wife everyday atleast 2 times. really... is it nessasary. no. she just likes to hear me talk cause i have such a sexy voice. -NOT- alright well cant wait for the next blog. later man

Nic said...

i ment to say 21 going on 12 cause i keep on learning new stuff. like this program right here... its going to be nuts