Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Six-Month Vacation

This may be a re-hash for many of you, but I wanted to bring everyone up to speed:

This is my second trip to Iraq. I’m a Combat Correspondent (radio/TV broadcast journalist) in the US Air Force. I leave for Iraq sometime in April. I will be reporting the military news from all over the country. This will entail me making several trips via convoy, air, or combo of both. I fell very prepared. I may also be running the radio station...Freedom Radio 107.7 . I will be there for a little over six months. I wanted to get everyone’s e-mail address so I can communicate on a daily, or near daily basis, so folks will now what really happens while deployed in Iraq. I’ve been in now for almost 17 years. Not sure if I’m going to cut loose when I hit 20 years.

I want to put together an e-mail group of my extended family so I can keep in touch with everyone and not just while I’m in Iraq! We have a wonderful extended family that has seem to have lost touch, maybe even forgot, how much we mean to each other and how much fun we had together. For the record, my goal is not to SPAM you with jokes, rather, a quick and sincere… “how ya doing” and updates from Iraq.

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J Theriault said...

no one posted commments here yet so I figured I would.. You already have my e-mail (I HOPE), both home & work & my blog & my myspace & my ummmmmmm what else can we add.. LOL

Love you to man !

oh you don't have my phone #. If you need it, I will send it..