Sunday, February 18, 2007

For Friends and Family

This is the place I will post all of my thoughts! I will use this blog to update friends and family on my vacation to Iraq, post my views on the world we live in, my struggles with ADD, my daily triumphs and set backs in life, and just about anything else I can think of. The content will sometimes be controversial...that is on purpose. I'm a very passionate person. The content will sometimes be ridiculous...that too is on purpose. I'm a very ridiculous man. The content will sometimes be about stuff only I care about...sorry! Feel free to comment and share with me your ideals.

Soon I will be able to add pictures, links, and all that cool stuff. For now, my good friend Chris V. is adding cool stuff. I highly recommend you link to Jacksnupple and The Dooce for some good reading. I will transfer over some of my favorite blogs from another site I hang out. Also, I have a real good blog in my head about ADD and me.

Thanks for your time.


Judy said...

I don't know what a blog is exactly, but this is cool. I had to create one to make a comment to this one.

Judy said...

Actually, I didn't create it yet, I just had to sign up for one.