Monday, May 21, 2007

Service & Commitment...It Runs In My Blood!

Well I am going to OKC next week for my last B52 meeting, when I get back I have three days of work. Then I will be hanging up 37 years of service.

For the past 37-years, my dad has answered the call to service in support of my beloved United States Air Force, and your United States of America. He moved from town to town with his professional skills and commitment in tow. There were many sacrifices made over the past 37-years. None more important than the next. For almost four decades, my dad pulled long hours, traveled the world, and in short, pulled his fair share toward ensuring the freedoms we take for granted.

Dad...I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your retirement. You see...I like you am committed! And right now, that commitment has brought me to Baghdad Iraq! I wish you well. Maybe in 20 more will come to my retirement! I love you and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & COMMITMENT.

-Your Son


david said...

Kudos to your father on his service and his retirement -- and to you for following in his footsteps! I, too, followed my father into the Air Force; he retired 8 years ago, and I've only got about four months until I retire.

AFN Broadcaster said...

Thanks David.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes, I know how proud your dad is of you and its great to see how proud you are of your dad. I'm really proud that he's my brother and to see the caring person he has become.
Aunt Donna

AFN Broadcaster said...

Thanks Aunt Donna!

mom and Jeanne said...

I commend both you and your father. Had it not been for him, I would never have the son I have today. Your father is a good man and so, you should be as proud of him as I am of you. It truly does my heart good to see that you are finally getting to know the Eder side of the family. I have not heard you speak of Mark and his family tho. I would love to see pics. of all the Eders.
Congrats, Bob, I'm sure you come here. You have put in your share of years to serve and protect. If you ever get to Az. look us up.