Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Pics From Memorial Day

Well we all camped out at the station over night! Tonight's low...95! It must have been around 100 in the room I slept in. I went down around 11:30, then up again at 4:10AM. Here are a few pics from over-night.

Kasbah and Triple F

Triple F clock

Triple F setting up

OOPS! My Butt

Micah's clock

Micah introducing a song!

Kasbah and Micah attempt Charlies Angels!!


mom said...

The pics. are wonderful, I really love them. I bet you were really tired whan all was said and done. We took off and went camping and had a great time. I will try to get your BD gift in the mail in the next few days. I love you.

Anonymous said...

First, hi to Kasbah's mom! Happy birthday, Chris. When's it?
Second, is everyone coming down okay after the 36 hours of RAWK?
Third, thanks a ton for involving me and my fellow voiceover talent. It was so very fun and what I did primarily yesterday (Memorial Day) was a.) wonder where you were in the countdown and b.) wonder how friggin' hot it was in Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit...

Praying for you all. Be careful.

Love from Salt Lake City.


AFN Broadcaster said...

Thanks Mom!

Diane...The 35 is Jun 15th...So is The Curious One...well he doesn't turn 35, but his birthday is the same day. Another interesting fact...George gets promoted on Jun 8th...That is momma Kasbah's b-day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rock is always a good reason to stay awake :-) Bet you lifted a lot of spirits this past weekend.

Wow...35 on June 15th eh? Now you’re a loving family man and master sergeant too! Time has gone so very fast...can't believe its already been 13 years since we met at OSAN. You...upbeat life support...volleyball playing alternative dance DJ guy...who's dorm room was right across the street...who also made really good white dogs and mixed tapes. The mixed tapes helped me cope with the mind-numbing job of being a supply delivery driver BTW (TY!) Well, its good to know we all have to grow up at some point or another! That's not meant to be a slam...hopefully you laugh.

Took my son to see a gun salute & F15 flyover and connected with family, but wish I wasn't feeling sooooooooooo bummed out about the war.

Did you see or hear of the CBS show tonight (may 29 @10:00,) "Flashpoint: A War Chronicle,” by Katie Couric? Wonder what you think of the story.

Back to positive...
I feel proud to know you.
You have been a friend to me.
I always wish the best for you & your family. Keep Rockin on!!!

mom said...

Well, thanks to pbohall? I hear you made Master Sgt. So, here I go again with tears of love for you. Congrats to my wonderful son. YOU! have made me a PROUD mom. I have been emailing your aunt Donna. It's nice to talk to her again, thanks. OK, so I have your gift here and I came here to get your address and I can't find it again. Can you send it again to me????
One of these years (and very soon) we are going to share our birthdays TOGETHER.
I Love you

AFN Broadcaster said...

HEY WAIT!!! I NEVER said I made MSGT...rather the LIST is coming out in two-weeks. Fingers crossed.

mom said...

Well you better hope you get it as the word is out. I told my reunion site and some friends already. You will get it tho. I have faith in you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mix-up in your rank...perhaps its intuition. Can't think of a better person for keep us posted. ~Prima

Chris' mom said...

Now I know who that was that said hello to me. Hi Prima, how are you.

Anonymous said...

Doing well. Are you still in Portland?

mom said...

No we have been in Show Low, Az for the past five years and love here. We are in the mountains and have perfect weather, in the summer. Where are you now?
Chis, received you beautiful birthday gift. I will talk to Shelly and the kids this weekend I am sure. So I will save my thanks to her for then. Email me a ph. # so I can call you for your birthday. Sure hope I don't wake you up tho. Give me the hour difference too.
I Love You.

Deb said...

Prima- I might know you, I partied with Chris quite a bit at Osan and vividly remember (okay, maybe remember is the wrong word!) the awesome white dogs! And crazy nights at Xanadu! I was the 'chow hall girl'!

Chris- loving this site and the pics! Good to know you are doing well over there!

AFN Broadcaster said...

Deb- You do know Prima...Lemons back then. She worked Supply.

As far as doing alright...I guess everything is relative.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chris!

Possible Blog topic: What did TSGT Eder (Msgt now?) do on his birthday in Iraq? Hope you had a chance to cool off!

Deb, I imagine we met back then. Maybe my blog picture might help. If not the chow hall - probably Xanadu. Thanks for helping me remember the name of that place...phew...aromas & memories!


Deb Parsons said...

Prima- I do remember you from your pic! Only pics I have online are I even have pics with you in them in my korea photo albums! Aah, the good times back then, when life was so much easier!

Chris-I said I would never drink soju again, but could go for one of those white dogs with the fruit in it! I have a pic of you where you hit your head on a door, I think on someone's bulletin board? And coming out to sacramento, and going to the bar down the street, coming back, we were all passing out, and two of your friends brought girls over and proceeded to bonk them right there in the living room while we were trying to sleep! Crazy crazy times! Ha ha!

AFN Broadcaster said...

I love the fact you used the word "bonk!"