Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bacon Body

This is what a half portion of bacon looks like here in the International Zone. Those of you who really know me...know I LOVE BACON! I would be pressed to think of anything that wouldn't taste better with bacon on it. Bacon is available for all three meals. This is a problem! It's like my crack...if I actually took crack, well, I guess I kind of do. Anyway, I've put the entire radio team on red alert. They must keep me away from the evil BACON! Have I mentioned you can put bacon in a pita with roast beef, cabbage, provolone, yellow bell peppers and olive oil, then fold it in half and press in on a paninni grill? YUMMY!

Even though I've had my years allotment of bacon in my first three weeks in Iraq, I've still managed to drop another five pounds. Making my official weight loss for the year at 37 pounds. I'm right where I want to be and will add the pounds back..only this time it will be muscle. Yoga three times a week and running & weight training three times a week.

I've adopted my friend Cindy's deployed breakfast: Special K with berries.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't pork offend them over there?

Anonymous said...

My guys love the bacon too! I'd say you deserve all the bacon you can get over there - enjoy, but please keep your heart strong. p-

AFN Broadcaster said...

I love pork! But, it's Special K for breakfast....Sun-Fri. Bacon only on Saturday.

Chris said...

When I was deployed over there, one of the Army guys in the detachment I worked with would go around and throw bacon at his friends' trailers and then tape up a photo of Kevin Bacon that said "You got baconed, M-----f-----." Everytime I see bacon I remember hearing a THUD on my trailer at midnight one night and the subsequent search for Kevin.

If you are ever in a firefight with some Iraqis then bacon comes in handy. That stuff will send them running. They don't fear death but they hate to be embarrassed.

mom said...

You take after me more than you know. I love bacon too but it has to be crisp, very crisp. Since the surgury alot has changed.
I really enjoyed your call the other day.Thanks,
I love you,

mom said...

I notice you have bacon & eggs on here.