Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How You Feeling? Hot Hot Hot!

106 today and it will be 110 tomorrow. Here is how the sun shines on Iraq...It really is this close:

Here is what I have to look forward to the next five months:

Month Average High Average Low Warmest ever

MAY 96 68 111
JUNE 105 74 120
JULY 110 78 122
AUG. 108 75 118
SEPT. 103 70 117
OCT. 91 60 105

Was this foreshadowing??? Blake Lewis will win AI!


Anonymous said...

Poor Chis, Temps look like daily averages here at sunny Nellis airplane patch. :) You'll get used to it, only took ME 3yrs!!

Sandra Brown said...

Funny, the sun on your map looks like a fried egg. Before long you will be saying things like, "It's really not too bad today," only to learn the high was 105.

mom said...

Looks like Blake will be leaving tonight. That's my guess anyway. I still say it will be Jordin that walks away with it.
Hope all is safe as it can be there with you.

Anonymous said...

quit your complaining ya big baby, get out and enjoy that warm weather!!!!

Maj N. said...

Hey Chris -- small world. I ran into Steve (of D-Ring fame) at the Military Blogging conference, and he mentioned you had a blog. Of course, I had to check it out.

Sounds like you are up to the usual...no good :) Quit whining about the heat...I was in the AOR in the summertime, and it got to 120!

Big news on my end is I dropped my papers, so I'll be a mister in a few months.

Seriously, I enjoy the blog...just
do me a favor and stay safe.

AKA The exec you used to work with at Langley who bled red ink over every piece of paperwork you sent across my desk :)

AFN Broadcaster said...

thanks for finding your way over here...MN