Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Of Those Days

I just had the worse day since I've been here. It started out really weird. I woke up and was mad for some reason! I don't know why...I worked out last night! (ABS class, toughest workout in the International Zone!) I watched Family Guy too! I had a pretty important task to do while I was on the morning show. I had to fix some audio on an interrogation video. The audio was really bad. Turns out the only thing you can make with crappy audio, is really crappy audio. From there everything just started to crumble.

Since Memorial Day I've been feverishly working on trying to out do 36-straight hours of epic rock broadcasting...The team and I came up with the Firecracker 500. 50-straight hours of epic rock broadcasting. Thus, really only a bit shy of 'twice as good as Memorial Day.' I'm ok with that! Once again I have my new friends and maybe one day colleges from VO-BB working with me on the Firecracker 500. This is a very difficult task to pull off. Its now tougher, because the ARMY folks will no longer be available to help out! I lost 20-hours of help! AHHHH!

THEN...I have this really talented friend named SPC Emily Green who I call my producer and we do the Hollywood Report twice a week...she goes by Natasha...she just got moved to a mid shift...which means she'll no longer be able to be Natasha on my show!!! Its one of my favorite elements on my show.

To make matters worse...there is a sorta-sand storm right now, so I can't even go lay out by the pool!

The only shining moment...We're just about to update the Freedom Radio website. Here is a picture of all of the new jocks:

(From left: The Curious One, George Solis; Natasha, Emily Green; Kasbah, Chris Eder; Aries "D", Aries Early; AK, Anthony Kuhn)


T-hoe Family said...

Dude you are an insperation, keep up the great work and keep your head up.. We appreciate EVERYDAY what you're doing, the only things I wish is that I was there with you so I could listen to your show AGAIN !!!..

Have you seen our new BLOG yet ?? I will e-mail you link if George hasn't already !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your crappy day...keep your head held high :-)
What music CD did Shelly send you for your Birthday? Any good?

AFN Broadcaster said...

Jason- No I haven't seen your new blog...get on it YO!

Prima...she sent me a modern day mix tape. I'm trying not to cry just writing about it. ALL SAPPY I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU songs! I scored big time!

mom said...

I wanted to let you know that gramma is coming for a visit. Can't remember if I told you this already. She hates flying but I am at least getting her here. She will be here from 7/18 to 8/1.

Joe Wilson said...

Aries Early,

Remember me? Tearsheet at the Newspaper Co.? You went to Alabama St. I had a girlfriend at Alabama St. Contact me at 202-731-4307