Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Birthday...Late Post

I was hoping for Shelly to jump out of a cake...not that we're that type of couple, but that would have been great! Instead, like most nights in Baghdad I was greated with unwanted fireworks. I did get a surprise slice of cake and some fifty folks sing me happy birthday in the dinning facitlity. I got a homemade card from the kids, a cd and new sandles from Shelly, some iTunes cash, salami, cheese, and pistachios just new a few things. Father's Day was better. I got to webcam with my kids. I love talking with them. Then dinner...I had prime rib, lobster, asperagus and mac and cheese.

Eventhough I had a good time, I wish I was at home with my wife and kids. Only four more months to go!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris, hope its a good year. Your in our thoughts.
Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! I'm no longer at my home base, so I finally have access to your blog!!! (Although at THIS location, connection is pretty unstable.) Anyway, I might be heading your way soon, so I'll see about bringing you a belated present. :) - DP

Gret said...

I remembered your birthday was coming up, then completely forgot about it. SORRY!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Send me your address and maybe I will send you a little something from Texas!!! Miss you!

Uncle Jim said...


Happy Birthday! We are so very proud of you and thank you very much for everything you do for our country........Uncle Jim

mom said...

So nice to finally hear from you. I will try to call Shelly and the kids this coming weekend. Grandma is coming for a visit the middle of July. We are paying for her trip using some of the money we had put away to visit you guys. But it is worth it as it will most likely be her last trip. She is so afraid to fly.
I want to also thank my family and Chris' aunt Donna for playing a big part in your blog. Thanks guys.