Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Connected...Not Really...and...IT Defined

I'm sitting here right now with four different social media sites open, blogging on what I think is an open-source program; while listening to free streaming audio on Grooveshark. (Adele...Shelly's current fav!) I've already made four hyperlinks...five now! This morning I started off by catching up on my 30 RSS feeds...find out I'm not the only one suffering from a GMAIL slow down...and I start feeling sad! (Maybe it's because my oldest son isn't home) I realize although I'm somewhat super connected, I'm no where near as smart as I should be after spending countless hours on the internet. I guess I rely too much on my IT friends. (And my oldest son!) What would we do...err what would I do with out them. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Turns out, IT has always been there to help people like me!

Make sure you take a few minutes to thank your local IT!

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