Sunday, November 30, 2008

3-D Football Game...And...How I Really Need To Win FF!

Everywhere you look...HD! I love it. Unfortunately living in Italy means all of the HD content I watch comes from dvds or whatever we download. SKY does offer a few HD channels. SKY Sports has more, but we're not big European Football fans.

The National Football League wants to take the game to another level...a third demension if you will! Next week's game between San Diego and Oakland will be shot in 3-D! If only they picked two better teams. The Wall Street Journal has the rest.

AS for my Fantasy Football game. This weeks matchup is HUGE! It is a battle of 1st place teams. Multiple Scorgasm leads PACAF by one game at 9-3. My team: AFNBroadcaster P.A.B. (ask via e-mail and I'll tell you want it means) leads ACC by one game at 8-4. If I win...I take ACC and get a first round bye. If I lose...and Russell's Regulators wins, (which he will) then he wins the ACC on points. In years past, this is always where I lose and then get bumped out in the first round. Fingers crossed. OBTW: I was banking on my Brady/Moss combo to take me to paydirt.

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