Sunday, October 19, 2008

Motivation - A New Broadcast Task II

Well...I took all of the advice from you...and a lot from a good friend of mine, Keith Reed and I think the class went very well. For sure I was motivated. In the process of preparing for this class I came up with another "Chris Eder tip of the day!" I shared my 20-60-20 rule. I believe only 20% of our current broadcaster pool really want to be broadcasters. 60% are along for the ride, and the last 20% is waiting for someone in the first 20% to show them how. Now, these numbers aren't exact science, rather another tool I can use to try and shake things up...stir the pot...and hopefully motivate folks to get fired up about being a broadcaster in the AF.


Deb Parsons said...

I need advice to motivate our broadcasters. While they get to make some videos, most of their job is broadcasting distance learning, hardly a very interesting job... I have a couple of NCO's and several Airmen, some of whom are getting out this year.

AFN Broadcaster said...

Too easy. Send me an e-mail to with their names and e-mail addresses and I'll hook them all up. Also, what MAJCOM? (In the e-mail)